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Meet Gerell Webb, a Florida born personal trainer and fitness influencer calling Nashville home. He is the creator of iTrain365 and has probably trained some of your favorite people here in the city and beyond. He has lead group trainings for over 3,000 people to landing the fitness expert role on News Channel 5. Focused on the simple mantra of just doing it, his saying is “everything you want in life is on the other side of fear or I don’t feel like it”. Gerell shares a lot of great fitness and motivational content on his Instagram page and has become a go-to for many, especially during the pandemic. We hope you enjoy meeting Gerell and get that motivation to get active today.


Tallahassee, Florida.

What brought you to Nashville? 

I moved to Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) where I played football.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville? 

I am currently working on a digital fitness platform. So that no matter where you are you can always workout with your favorite trainer.

What inspires you? 

Helping individuals achieve their full potential both in fitness and in life.

Why Nashville?

Nashville is growing like never before and with its diverse community it is the perfect place to plant your flag.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during COVID?

Honestly,the gym. I am new father so between my schedule and family life I don’t have time for much else. The gym is where I go when I want to escape.

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