Meet The Urbaanite: Domonique Townsend

Meet Domonique Townsend, an urbaanite dedicated to helping working moms throughout her hometown of Nashville as the founder, CEO, and Operations Coach and Consultant of We Optimize Work, an agency helping working moms find strategies and systems that add value, time, and sanity to their lives.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville? 

One out of three working moms is downshifting or leaving their careers altogether in the corporate workspace. The labor participation rate for females has not been this low in the US for 33 years. Improving the space of how viable solutions are made available is what my business, We Optimize Work provides. I developed a framework using engineering principles to help working moms better navigate how they manage demanding businesses while being able to prioritize needs for their family and self. I am creating a plan to partner with companies based in Nashville to establish a pipeline for working moms to be enrolled in our cohort who are in managerial positions of all levels.

What inspires you? 

I make a daily intention to do the things I love and are in alignment with my purpose. Operating with this intent, my children are able to experience what it means to pursue their dreams without believing they need to confine to what society defines as a success for them. Knowing what I do has a positive change in the world, especially for my family is what inspires me.

Why Nashville? 

Aside from Nashville being my hometown, I have witnessed our growth and our ability to navigate challenges and opportunities as a city. We are known as the Music City thanks to the Fisk Jubilee singers who traveled around the world to sing and save the university from financial ruin. We are known for Nashville Hot Chicken, entertainment, sports, and healthcare. I believe that Nashville is capable of being known as a top city of attraction for professional working moms. With the increase of corporations being headquartered here, it presents an amazing opportunity for We Optimize Work to partner with leaders in Nashville to provide innovative solutions for working moms.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during COVID?

When I have time in the morning, I love visiting Grams to grab a coffee and a pastry. The vibe of a local spot is incomparable to going to a franchise location. Supporting local businesses always brings delight to my day.

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