Meet The Urbaanite: Chef Mic True

Meet Michael True, also known as Chef Mic True. A Nashville Native using his culinary skills and love for his community to promote healthy living. Specializing in creating extraordinary Vegan dishes. Chef Mic True is a master and dedicated chef.  Making an impact on many, one bite at a time.

Full name:   

Michael True (Chef Mic True)


True 2 Earth Organics LLC


Nashville, Tennessee


Gideon’s Army


Owner/Chef/Healer & Community Engagement Coordinator.

How many years have you been in Nashville?


Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?

Gideon’s Army is creating safe communities with our hands-on activism. We created the first violence interruption program in North Nashville that was based around community engagement and using the community to protect the community. We work in 3 sectors Community, Classrooms, & Courts. We currently service 37208 and offer an array of services to help empower our people. We are also opening 37208 Market & Cafe @ 1625 23rd Ave N Nashville TN. A store we acquired after a community dispute with the previous owner. Rather than boycotting and attempting to shut him down and just have another owner come in and do the same disrespectful things; we decided to purchase it and turn it into a Vegan restaurant and community market.

I also have created a holistic alternative to over-the-counter medicines and pharmaceuticals. True 2 Earth uses natural remedies and 100% organic products to rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. I sell Wild Harvested Irish Seamoss and several formulas designed to alleviate ailments and facilitate homeostasis in the human body. I’m helping people live a healthier more organic lifestyle.

What inspires you?   

I pull inspiration from a lot of places. I may find it in someone’s success or failures. I may find it while taking a walk in nature. I am also inspired by my past circumstances. But my ultimate goal I aspire to achieve is what truly inspires me. That goal is to be Self Sufficient and grow or cultivate at least 80% of everything I consume within the next 5 yrs. So I’m building a lifestyle that allows me to not have to be in the loop of this cycle called the American Dream. I’m actually living my dreams in real-time.

Coffee, brunch, or happy hour?


Current book you are reading?

The Gerson Therapy & The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

An album you are listening to? 

Not listening to an album but I have been vibing to WizKid.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during Covid?

I don’t really go out but I’m digging the Entrepreneurial endeavors of Slim & Husky’s creators. They have created a black-owned brand that is sweeping the country and they just opened a new cocktail lounge. So I can dig that.

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