Meet The Urbaanite: Ashley Garth


Ashley Garth is an Event Curator in Nashville, TN hailing from the 423 of Chattanooga. She is here giving a fresh vibe to the Nashville networking scene with her monthly event: Connect, Create, Celebrate. Inspired and motivated by successful connections, Garth has a passion for creating beneficial relationships between people and shining a bright light on Black-owned businesses. Her dedication to showcasing these businesses and linking people to one another can not be understated. Learn more about Ashley and her goals.

Ashley Garth

Company: Garth Media

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Title: Agency Owner & Event Curator

How many years have you been in Nashville? 15 Years

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville? Garth Media is revolutionizing networking in Nashville. We host entrepreneur night once a month at Bag Lady Fry Joint right off of Buchanan. Connect, Create, Celebrate is a whole vibe! Nashville is over traditional mixers so we’ve curated a unique networking party experience, but there’s more to our story. These events are my canvas for highlighting the brilliance of Black-owned restaurants and venues, like the hidden treasure inside, 11 Bar. This boutique cocktail bar elevates the showcases Black-owned wines and spirits, and is just another layer of our commitment to community and culture. Lastly, I know how hard it is to get exposure as a small business owner. Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to give business owners the spotlight they deserve. We’ve crafted a platform where businesses aren’t just seen—they’re celebrated, connected, and heard. That’s the new rhythm of networking—full of life, excitement, and authentic connections.

What inspires you? What really gets me going is connecting the dots in the networking world. There’s something incredibly rewarding about watching individuals meet, share ideas, and then take those connections to new heights. Hearing stories of collaborations born from our events or the newfound confidence in someone’s business pitch brings me an indescribable joy. I’m also excited about how Nashville is growing. So many new businesses are popping up. Seeing new businesses thrive, watching entrepreneurs find their tribe, and knowing I played a part in that journey is what it’s all about. That’s the ultimate thrill.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour? Definitely Brunch! Nashville has created a unique brunch experience and I’m here for it!

Describe Nashville in 3 words? Vibrant, entrepreneurial, and innovative.

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist? SAANEAH and Brassville.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now? I’m really enjoying Noir Nashville. The food is delicious and it never disappoints!

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