Meet The Urbaanite: Allena Staples

Meet Allena Staples, a local entrepreneur teaching other small businesses how to help themselves by nurturing growth and development in the modern world with her business Allena Staples Consulting. Allena is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. She is a Nashville transplant, loving and living the Music City lifestyle. We hope you enjoy meeting this Urbaanite.

Allena Staples, Owner of Allena Staples Consulting – Small Business Consulting, Avid Indoorswoman

Hometown: Hartford, CT

How many years have you been in Nashville?
I moved to Nashville from Hartford, Connecticut in 2013 to attend Vanderbilt University. Moving down south was a bit of a culture shock at first – New Englanders are not so intent on holding the door open for you when you’re 10 feet away – but I’ve really loved watching Nashville grow. It’s crazy how time flies! I graduated in 2017 and started my company the same year – so it’s been a pretty packed 9 years.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?
My business is designed to help Small Businesses tap into actionable strategy, beautiful web design and branding, and corporate-level marketing at an affordable Small-Business rate. It’s specifically designed for businesses who are just starting or long-standing small businesses who need to pivot and modernize. It’s also based on a foundation of education – all of my web design offerings include tutorials on basic upkeep and maintenance so no one is being held hostage. My ideal client lifecycle ends with them scaling up and achieving self-sufficiency. All of my long-term client relationships are based on mutual respect and the value of my expertise, as opposed to them being held hostage because I’m the only person who knows how to update their website. I started my company right out of college because I had some very special Small Business Owners as Mentors growing up. Watching them wear so many hats, manager, HR, marketing and pricing strategy, I thought: “Hey, I could help them with this. This is a problem that I can solve.” Now it’s been 5 years and ASC has helped over 100 businesses all over the US. That feels surreal to even say out loud!

What inspires you?   
I love seeing a client or friend learning how to help themselves – growing confident in areas they weren’t confident in before. Teaching and helping people reach their potential is really what gets me up and keeps me moving forward. I get to learn something new every day – that’s something I never want to stop doing. I never want to say “well, now I know it all.” It’s important to stay open and always leave room for more.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour?
I absolutely LOVE a Nashville happy hour. My office is downtown and something I love about Nashville is how much passion and attention to detail goes into designing Nashville restaurants and hotels. Ending my day a little early to sit and relax in a beautiful space with a $5 Old Fashioned is exactly my idea of a good time.

Describe Nashville in 3 words?
Kindness, Community, Potential

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist?
There are so many incredible musicians and creatives I could name! And what’s wild is that they’re also my friends! Claim to fame, I am in .02 seconds of Chaz Cardigans “I’M NOT OKAY” music Video. For a personal favorite I’d have to say Kacey Musgraves. We are not friends yet but I’m sure we will be soon.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during Covid?
Oh wow, a few places – EG+MC for that Mac and Cheese…if you know you know. I’m basically always craving Hugh Baby’s or Bartaco. During Covid I have fully relied upon everyone at Corner Bar on Elliston Place – but please dont show up there, please get your own dive bar. I like to tell people I’m a Midtown princess, but I will venture across the river for Dino’s or Rosemary and The Beauty Queen.

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