Meet The Urbaanite: Luz Lopez

Meet Luz Lopez- a long time Nashville resident, CEO of a business consulting company and manager at The Rum Room and Riddim n Spice.

Luz Lopez

Company: Lighthouse Provisions LLC, a Business Consulting Company /  Riddim n Spice & The Rum Room

Hometown: Roosevelt Island, NYC

Title: CEO at Lighthouse, GM/ Bar & Events Director/ Operations Manager at The Rum Room, Riddim n Spice.

How many years have you been in Nashville? 11 years on September 1, 2023

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?  Intentional relationships that make dollars and sense for those growing their businesses and brands here in Nashville. I am creating unique events that bring people together and ongoing collaboration with other community business owners.

What inspires you? The Human Connection Inspires me- knowing that together we can bring our dreams to life and serve each other and the community in the process keeps me moving! My beautiful daughters who always remind me to be loud about what’s important.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour? Brunch for sure!! I get to sleep in a bit, and still have breakfast and a cocktail 🙂

Describe Nashville in 3 words ? Emerging, Transformative, Rewarding

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist? My favorite Nashville artist would have to be Preston Mitchell- The way he incorporates plants and black women in his art is executed beautifully, and always makes my eyes, heart and soul smile!! Everyone in Nashville should have a Preston Mitchell piece in their home.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now? The Rum Room– am I allowed to say this? It’s a space where people from all walks of life come to enjoy good food, drinks, and energy. It reminds me of home. Outside of The Rum Room, I really enjoy visiting The Electric Jane- The live music on Fridays is incredible. And when I’m just wanting to chill, All People Coffee comes correct time and time again with the best coffee in Nashville!

What is the best way for our readers to learn more about your business? connect with me linked in if seeking consulting services and stay locked in to the Rum Room/ Riddim n Spice social media accounts for updates on upcoming events!

Photo: Luz Lopez

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