Living Your Best Mom Life For Success During Quarantine



Domonique is a Strategist and Performance Consultant for We Optimize Work, where she helps Working Mom Executives and Mom Business Owners clarify their goals and develop systems that improves how they operate in their work.

Being a mom while in quarantine is far from a vacation. The demand on us has not only increased, but moms are expected to continue a sense of “normalcy” with schooling needs for their children and managing business needs for their work as a response to a crisis that was far out of her control to begin with. Many are experiencing overwhelm but limit discussing how they feel for fear of seeming ungrateful to use this as silver lining for having more time at home with the children. The purpose of this article is help moms like you know that they are not alone in this journey to adapt and succeed in their own way. 

Check out my 4-step strategy that I use frequently to help me in times of overwhelm and can be beneficial for you too: 

  1. Brain Dump: 

Write out everything that is at the top of your mind as it relates to work, business, family and personal needs. Allow yourself to capture what is keeping you up at night and the things that are leading you to feel muffled during the day.  

  1. Evaluate: 

For each item listed, ask yourself the following questions:  

    1. “Is this necessary to focus on now? Can it wait?” 
    2. “What items remaining need to be completed within the next week?”
    3. “What are the daily tasks are needed for the children to complete next week?”  
    4. “What can I do differently next week on the tasks I identified to make it less stressful to do?”
  1. Define: 

On a separate piece of paper, write out the days of the week into columns. Within the columns you are going to enter only the items you identified as needed to perform for the week. 

Note: Be sure to add self-care of some type on there. This can be removing yourself from the computer. Ordering pizza or delivery to skip cooking and have time for yourself to breathe. 

  1. Adjust: 

After you set a flow during your first week, revisit these steps and begin to add timeslots to your items. Easing your way into a schedule or flow that works for you is the best way to keep it going. If there are work or business items that aren’t flexible, make sure that it is reflected into your schedule. Make the schedule to what works for you. There is no wrong way. You define this for you and your family. 

Although this 4-step strategy is geared to help you adapt and succeed while managing home and work while in quarantine. I encourage you to give yourself grace and remove the need to fight for “normal”. When I think about grace, I think about the first time I became a mother. Each day, trying to figure this whole thing out, doing my best with the tools that I have. Four children and 10 years later, I am still applying those same principles. Doing the best with what you have is key. The days when you experience great challenges and everything seems to go left, do your best according to the tools you have in that moment and nothing more. You don’t have to prove what you already are. And that is capable and enough. 

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