Kerry Schrader + Ashlee Ammons

Kerry Schrader + Ashlee Ammons


Kerry + Ashlee are a mother/daughter duo taking the live event space by storm. Mixtroz helps event attendees remove the networking anxiety and get connected.

First, why are you lovin’ Nashville right now::

Tennessee is  quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the technology space and we are beginning to see the shift toward a more inclusive startup enviroment right here in Nashville!

Tell us a little about your business::

Mixtroz is the “what next” at live events.  Mixtroz is initiated by the event organizer as an “Intentional Networking” opportunity provided to attendees over the course of an event.  Users download the app, complete a virtual name tag and real time survey (customized by the event organizer AND/OR sponsor; yielding an 80% completion rate vs the industry standard 15% post event completion rate).  At a predetermined time, the app matches you with 3-10 attendees with similar responses and guides you to those persons for a curated group networking experience IN REAL TIME! Essentially, Mixtroz can be used anywhere groups of 25 or more are already gathered. Post event, immediate access to the survey data yields a higher ROI to the event organizer (and sponsor where applicable) driving smarter decisions across marketing, research and future event programming as well as increased engagement for event attendees.  Using Mixtroz drives 360-degree ROI!

How did you get started::

As professional women working in the corporate space at a Senior level, neither of us had ever had the need or aspiration to become entrepreneurs. To this day, when we reflect on what it was about Mixtroz that made us proceed, the answer is simple: It made sense and we were passionate about creating a solution.

Kerry and I are in the new wave of entrepreneurs who are re-imagining daily life, creating services that make work and play simpler, better and more satisfying. Our combined backgrounds in both Human Resources and Events helped us identify a problem that did not have a clear solution (connecting with the “right” people in real time) and today there is a solution and it’s called Mixtroz (mixer + introduction).

Our community loves living local, what makes your local business different::

The networking giants in both the tech (Facebook, LinkedIn) and live (Eventbrite, Meetup) event space have established a VAST MULTI BILLION DOLLAR market and Mixtroz has carved out a targeted niche within that market with the intention of strengthening online social networks through human connection offline.  Instead of competition to these giants Mixtroz is an excellent partner for the established companies in our competitive set.  We dont compete with our “competitors”, we complete them.  Our closest competition is using “Tinder Technology” to connect people and that causes a natural disparity in those persons that get many matches to those that don’t.  We believe that networking should be a level playing field and EVERYONE should have the opportunity to optimize their live networking experiences.  Mixtroz makes this process easier.

Quote and/or Scripture you live by::

Beware of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”
Don’t let the journey change the core of who you are
Don’t let the fear of being uncomfortable stop you from pushing toward your goals

In Nashville we love to brunch, happy hour or coffee/tea it up. What do you prefer and why::

We love good food in general… There are so many awesome places to choose from to satisfy the craving for Southern Comfort… Since I (Ashlee), am a Nashville newbie I’d say when I am completly straying from my healthish eating both Big Shakes Hot Chicken & Fish and Biscuit Love was a life changing experience for me.  Additionally, on occasion, my Mom and I will take a “sweet” break at the closest Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream… simply amazing!!!


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