Why are you lovin’ Nashville right now::

Nashville is my hometown!

Tell us a little about your business::

Fathom is a social enterprise for young people and local communities to thrive in the 21st century. Fathom’s mission is to cultivate 21st century workforce development through connected learning, entrepreneurial problem-solving and community engagement.

How did you get started::

The idea came while I was still in college. The college environment gave me insight into the power and creativity of young people and our potential to work together to change the world. After a semester or two of trying to balance school and a potential startup, I left school to pursue it full time. I brought the idea to my cofounder Julie Dunlap who jumped on board adding the steam needed to really get the ball rolling.

Our community loves living local, what makes your local business different::

Fathom’s core focus is local economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and workforce development. We believe collaborative economics among local communities is the most advantageous approach to some of our most dire disparities. It is our mission-driven business model as a social enterprise for youth empowerment and community sustainability that sets us aside from the rest, locally and abroad.

Quote and/or Scripture you live by::

To Invest in the Youth is to Invest in the Future.

In Nashville we love to brunch, happy hour or coffee/tea it up. What do you prefer and why::

Brunch, because I enjoy eating more than coffee and tea.


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