Isaac Addae + His Conscious Conversations



Isaac Addae is the creator of Conscious Conversations and Black Entrepreneurship Week in Nashville.  He is all about social justice and cultivating the local black community. 

Why are you lovin’ Nashville right now:: 

Nashville is a city experiencing rapid growth, and where there’s growth, there’s opportunity. I’m lovin’ the many opportunities that exist in Nashville and I look forward to helping urban communities benefit from them.

Tell us about what you are creating in Nashville::

The Hub for Urban Entrepreneurship, Inc. (HUE) is a Nashville-based social enterprise that seeks to encourage the development of entrepreneurs in urban communities.  In November 2016, HUE announced a new program, Black Entrepreneurship Week 2016.  Launching during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 14 – 20, 2016), HUE is leading the effort to bring recognition to the efforts of Black entrepreneurs.  Starting in Nashville, Black Entrepreneurship Week consists of a series of events that highlight various aspects of Black businesses in urban communities across the United States.

How did you get started:: 

The motivation for HUE was driven by a recognized need for entrepreneurial support in urban Nashville communities.  While many resources exist to support entrepreneurs, we believe that urban entrepreneurs face unique challenges that may not be fully addressed by traditional means.  As a result, we created HUE with the goal of encouraging economic and community development in urban communities through the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Our community is all about living local, what are a few things you love to do in the city:: 

HUE differentiates itself from other local resources that support entrepreneurs by maintaining a focus in minority communities.

Quote and/or Scripture you live by::

To whom much is given, much is required.

In Nashville we love to brunch, happy hour or coffee/tea it up. What do you prefer::

While I’m a huge fun of brunch, happy hour and good coffee/tea, I tend to indulge in coffee/tea more frequently.  I’m typically somewhere working or thinking, and both coffee and tea stimulate my mind.  Coffee during the day, tea in the evening.



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