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Walking into a space for the first time can always seem to saturate the soul with a mixture of feelings. Feelings that let your conscious know whether or not you belong. Located in the 100 Taylor Street Collective lies The PSV Store, an open-door mecca where you are guaranteed to walk into creative combustion of inspiration that will make you feel vibrations, abundance, energy, and a sense of family.

The PSV Store affirmed itself in the mind of owner Terrance Simpson during a time of uncertainty. With seeds of passion and sacrifice, The PSV Store sprouted into a valuable platform for artists and businesses to showcase their work. The affirmation is now manifested as the PSV store, a space where peers support victories.

Artists and Creatives have space to sell their merchandise and work

Plus Sign Vibrations

To know the roots of The PSV Store, you must first know Terrance Simpson, a homegrown, East Nasty native who desired to create a sacred space in his gentrified neighborhood. After going to prison at age sixteen and being released at age twenty, Terrance knew he wanted to mentor and give back to the youth. He used his voice to speak his story and pour himself into local churches and schools, while making music on the side to compliment his creativity, but he never truly felt fulfilled. Then, in 2015, an emotionally trying year plagued by a negative relationship that weighed on him mentally, a light bulb went off.  Awakening one morning, he affirmed to his then girlfriend that they would have, “plus sign vibrations” only that day. When the words left his tongue, he felt an epiphany to take steps toward this actualization in his life moving forward.

Inside look at PSV Store

Building the Brand

Beginning as a passion project, “Plus Sign Vibrations”, soon formalized into an official brand, creating merchandise to rock and campaigning awareness on a grassroots level. During the height of COVID, Terrance took another leap of faith and bought a space to elevate the brand. “It was a selfish act for me at the time, but I needed that to figure out my next steps,” Terrance recalls. Ultimately, The PSV Store formed with a mission to give small businesses and creatives a space to cultivate, and today serves as a catalyst to manifest their ideas—no matter how crazy! The foundation of The PSV Store was built on collaborative effort where people can have a space to call home and congregate. Utilizing The PSV Store enables small businesses to have access to rental space that allows them to set up shop and exist in-store without large overhead costs, plus see a 100% return of profit. Vendors are also able to host events, while having the opportunity to participate in monthly PSV-sponsored events as well.

With the creative renaissance that is happening in the city, Terrance looks forward to growing The PSV Store’s platform by increasing The PSV Store’s presence in the community. The goal is to nurture relationships and play his part so Nashville will always have a “consistent flow of new artists, new businesses, new events, new creatives, and new opportunities for years to come,” says Terrance.

More to Come

The overall vision for The PSV Store is to have stores for businesses and creatives to flourish in all major cities. As for what lies ahead in the near future, Terrance looks forward to beginning renovations at The PSV Store to create a more entertainment-friendly space this Fall and Winter. He also looks to add more victories to The PSV Store’s  brand by focusing more on merchandise and philanthropy. Other ideas on his agenda includes putting a documentary together around the ins-and-outs of The PSV Store and the releasing his own book late next year. You can follow the journey of the PSV store on Instagram (@thepsvstore) or take a visit to support. The door is always open.

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