24 Hours In Nashville: From Two Women Who Believe In A Work Life Balance

Stacey Lanier and Ila Foster are co-founders of The Atelier, a wellness co-working space for entrepreneurs and professionals. Stacey is a licensed professional counselor, and Ila is a chiropractor.

Why are Ila and Stacey lovin’ Nashville right now?

Stacey has been in Nashville for over 20 years. Ila has been here for 13 years. Nashville is home to us now. As we were creating The Atelier, we wanted to create a space for entrepreneurs who wanted to step out and open their own solo practices or who wanted to move their existing practices out of their homes and into a building. We wanted to create a space for them to build a community and feel like they weren’t alone in their journey. Nashville is a city full of entrepreneurs. Nashville has a community that is supportive, robust, helps people combat isolation, and puts others in contact with subject matter experts. We feel like Nashville is the perfect city for this kind of space.


In the morning, we believe that our space, The Atelier, is a great place to start in the morning. We talk a lot about starting your mornings in a way that gets you ready and prepared for the rest of the day. When you enter the space, it feels like a spa. It’s relaxing. It’s a great place to choose a room for meditating, reading, or even journaling. It really helps us and others set the tone and foundation for the rest of our day.


We love to eat! Nashville has so many great restaurants, so we love finding new spots we’ve never tried. We tend to use Urbaanite to find new restaurants to try. We like all types of food from international to American. Taj Indian Restaurant is typically our go-to spot. We’re not too far from Nolensville Road, and we call that area International Nashville. So, if you’re into different types of food and different cultures, you can definitely find something on Nolensville Road that will always be tasty.


We often have drinks to unwind. We love Bricks in Maryland Farms. It’s a small and quaint space. They have great drink specials, and the food is awesome! If we want to go toward Downtown Nashville, we’ll head to some places in that area for drinks or good live music. Rudy’s Jazz Room is a great space for live music. Right behind Rudy’s is Casa de Montecristo, a cigar bar. You can bring your own food, have a drink, or hang out on the outdoor patio if you don’t like the smoke. You’ll find a lot of urban professionals in there.

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