The Hottest Workouts in Nashville to Try

photo by: Work it Pilates

Photo by: Work It Pilates/Elle Danielle

Summer is right around the corner and we have a few workouts to try to get you active and ready to be outside. Let us know what you hit up.

Work it Pilates

One of the most popularized workout regimens, pilates has been around for as long as you and I can both remember. Designed to grow muscle tone, it is a widely beloved full-body workout that has been showing benefits to multiple people over the years. Ran by a certified pilates instructor such as India Marie, Work it Pilates is a great way to get into this widely known routine and fall in love with it.

Trapbandzzz Class

Created by MelJ Ewing, this unique workout has shown to be major amongst black women all over Nashville. Utilizing resistance bands and hip-hop music as a steady tempo, Trapbandzzz gives people the chance to literally go against the grain in order to build muscle.

Tara Studio Bootcamp

Looking to get pushed to your physical limit? Then head over to Tara Training Studio, where its owner, Tara Smith, will put you through multiple different types of workouts. Ranging from weight loss, to strength training, and even going as far as to offer specific injury recovery. As a certified personal trainer, Smith and her gym are beyond legit.

Capitol Steps Workout

The premise of exercise is to essentially move your body up to the next level, and no workout fits this more than the Capitol Steps Workout. A fitness program surrounded by running uphill is one of the most tried and true ways to achieve physical tone and definition. A full body workout, filled with different exercises, but none as intense as those steps.

M.A.D.E. Fitness’ Massage Therapy

One of the biggest parts about exercising is understanding the importance of taking care of yourself afterwards. We often forget that we don’t need to be lifting a weight to be working and taking care of our body. This is proven through massage therapy. Relaxing and releasing, massage therapy offers a chance to have your body treated in ways it hasn’t been beforehand.

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