The Hood Historian’s Guide to North Nashville

Brigette Jones


If you’ve ever traveled to a city and wondered, “where do Black folks go?” Then look no further than here for the answers to that question here in Nashville. Through a historic lens, I view this article as reminiscent of the historic Green Book, which allowed Black travelers to know where they would be welcomed in the midst of Jim Crow rule. And, even though Black Americans are no longer under the thumb of segregation, highlighting and supporting our own should always be at the forefront of our activism. With this said, lets get into this month’s hood history highlights!

1.Ed’s Fish and Pizza House

Located at 1801 Dr. DB Todd Jr Blvd, Nashville, TN 37208, this seemingly small business has been a North Nashville staple since 1972. Serving hot, fried catfish and whiting daily that reminds you of family reunions and homecomings past; this business is a must try if you have never been. Having been passed down through several generations of the Morris-Williams family, the new owner Anthony Williams credited North Nashville’s HBCU’s when asked about their longevity in an interview last year commemorating the business’s 50-year anniversary.

2. One Drop Tattoo and Body Piercing

Located in the historic K. Gardner building at 1511 Jefferson St, Nashville, TN 37208, this space is more than a tattoo parlor. Part art exhibit, part history lesson, this building is a relic of the resiliency of Black Nashville. Originally, the building was owned by Kossie Gardner, a prominent Black funeral director, who was a pillar in his community during a time when we were all we had. His dedication to his community is still felt and acknowledged through the work of the building’s current owner. Today, that owner is Elisheba Israel Mrozik and she has used the legacy of Mr. Gardner and his family to curate a space that pays homage to where Black Nashvillians have been and speaks to where Black Nashvillians are going.

3.World Famous Jazzy Sensations

Some call it Jazzy’s, some, solely Sensations; either or, this Friday night hangout is one for all! The early set on Friday showcases a happy hour only rivaled by the formerly loved Limelight and plays all your auntie’s favorite blues and old-school cuts. But by 9 PM, the boom of 808 drums and trap music takes over the scene. Located at 1520 Hampton St, Nashville, TN 37207, Sensations has been a Nashville hotspot for the last approximate 18 years. When asked about how they curated such an authentically Nashville vibe that has stayed open for so long, DJ Wet, son of owner, Mr. Magic replied, “We are for our people… when you come here, we consider you family… it’s love and people love it here.” From our interview, it’s clear that the family roots run deep and the love for their community runs even deeper. You can feel the love in the strength of your drink and taste it in the batter of your fish sandwich or chicken wings being cooked fresh, on the spot all night.

Enjoy your guide and our spin on the historic “green book”! Tag us at #urbaanite when you try one out. Also, look out for more stories from The Hood Historian as she makes her way around Nashville.

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