HiFi Cookies: Where Soul Music Is Inspiring Every Bite


HiFi Cookies is a modern cookie company in East Nashville, opening up a new storefront on Saturday, June 27, 2020. Photography by Tyre Grannemann.

Yes, yes y’all, a burst of energy, is truly what you feel when stepping into HiFi Cookies. Pinks in various shades, white walls and a fresh design palette with details that will take you back to the 90’s in oh such a good way. From old school boomboxes lining the wall when you walk in to the sugar and soul mural and the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill playing as the featured album of the day – yes, they have an actual record player! And, yes it is in the top 5 of best albums (Sean agreed).



The creative genius behind it all is Sean Newsome, merging two things he loves, soul music and cookies. As he shares, “I grew up listening to Marvin Gaye, Patti Labelle and my Mom is obsessed with Luther Vandross.” His very first cookie was the Marvin, which is a staple and has ingredients like pretzel and potato chips, butterscotch and toffee. The range of amazing combinations have no bounds and the names will also have you feeling nostalgic, from Etta, Aretha, Dolly to Mint Condition (pretty brown eyes). As his wife Kristin shares, “his brain is full of sprinkles and chocolates.” He even pays added homage to his old school roots by having customers give each cookie box they order a mixtape name (ours was a straight to the point vibe;). 



Sean Newsome, a Brooklyn born, now Nashville lovin’ local has been in the food industry for many years. Sean and Kristin moved to Nashville after visiting and of course, falling in love with our city. Prior to starting HiFi Cookies he was the general manager at Pinewood Social. His roles were always on the operations side, however he was always baking up sweet treats to keep spirits high for his employees. Many would constantly say you need to sell these cookies. He took the leap to start HiFi in 2016 on his birthday! Side note: who is ready to get their mural game back up in front of their Sugar and Soul mural?

He credits inheriting his self-taught prowess in the kitchen from his Mom and Grandmother. Growing up his grandmother loved cooking and her speciality were cakes and dropped homemade biscuits (oh, the greedy foodie in me was in heaven just listening). So turning to baking to help bring a little joy to others came very naturally. It also has produced many loyal fans who are waiting with their taste buds ready to experience the new HiFi Cookies storefront. He shares with a smile, how thankful he is for the amazing collective of people who support and believe in his cookie mission. With his #1 rider, being his wife. Sean states, “I could not follow this dream without her.” 

Sean and his wife Kristin

Located in East Nashville, Sean is intentionally creating a space that will be welcoming for all. As he shares, “I have worked for some really bad people in the past.” His hope is that HiFi will bring opportunity to a diverse group of people in this city, normally underrepresented. 

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