Her Nashville Story: Raven Simpson is baking up something sweet


Raven Simpson is a self-taught baker who is betting on herself and leaning into her faith while doing it all. As the owner of Sweet Cakes by Ray, Raven has poured her love for baking and life into each sweet treat she creates. She is truly the definition of joy and her energy is infectious. “I like to think of my company as a celebratory bakery,” Raven shares. Her baking journey started inadvertently when she decided to bake her friend a cake for her birthday while in college at Middle Tennessee State University. Armed with her love of watching all of the baking shows on TV growing up with her Mom, she took to YouTube, purchased all of her supplies, and made a cake that all of her friends loved. From this one cake, Raven began making sweet treats for friends and family and honed her baking and decorating skills as she pursued her degree in Healthcare Management. 

After graduating from college, Raven would continue baking as a side hustle before taking a leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship at the end of 2023. As Raven shared, “I know God is with me and I decided to take a chance on myself.” Taking a chance on yourself is always the move and Raven is winning hearts and amazing new opportunities to showcase her work. Scrolling her Instagram page will give you all the feels and make you hungry at the same time. Her cake designs are so much fun and super creative. The heart-shaped cakes are her signatures but Raven can whip you up any kind of cake treat you want to celebrate from weddings, showers, and graduations to just because. I had a chance to try her Cookies + Cream cupcakes during her interview and they were delicious (and the gag is I do not eat chocolate:).

When chatting with Raven, you can see her genuine love for what she is doing. She is also a natural motivator in wanting to see others win too. Raven shared she is currently using her baking skills for good in the Women of Impact campaign for her friend, Kaylyn Harris. Plus, she just competed in her first baking competition, Dessert Wars right here in Nashville. The sky is pretty much not even the limit for this Nashville native and her growing business. She has a new baking cart that will be out and about this year at different events, baking classes, and more. Raven states, “Do not let money, people or anything get in the way of your dreams and what you are trying to accomplish.”

Ready to order your next special cake treat? Visit www.sweetcakesbyray.com to learn more. 



Photographer/Videographer, Elle Danielle.

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