Her Nashville Story: Jessica Bobbitt Doaks is building her candle company steeped in luxury and joy


Candles can be therapeutic but for Jessica Bobbitt Doaks, they would lead her on an entrepreneurial journey that she never thought she would take. Jessica set out on a path of healing after dealing with fertility issues when she picked up her first candle-making set. Through this time of self-care, she would find peace and a new passion, leading her to create The Black Candle Company. Jessica shares, “formulating the Black Candle company was my way of sharing that therapy with everyone. I always say it’s the irony of the Black Candle Company bringing me out of a dark time”. As a trained nurse for 14 years after graduating from Belmont University, Jessica set out on her first entrepreneurial journey in 2016 when she created her own interior design company. “If you had asked me several years, would I start a candle brand, the answer would be no”, Jessica reflects.

From the beginning, Jessica was focused on being super intentional with the brand and how she brought it to market. She knew it had to look good, be affordable, be made with non-toxic ingredients, and be sustainable. She was able to knock it out of the box on all four of these key elements, from branding to the long-lasting scents that fill your home. I can attest as a candle lover, I have enjoyed being a customer and burning The Black Candle company products in my home. “I wanted them to be unique. I wanted them to be complex, and I wanted each of them to tell a story”, Jessica states.

As a full-time entrepreneur, Jessica makes her candles right here in Nashville in her space in the Kreate Hub. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by all of the amazing scents from her fragrances like Black Moscato, Black Luxury to Black Man. The Black Candle Company also offers services including their candle-making class offered at select times throughout the year and white-label services for those seeking to create their candle line.  They also have a new service, “Scent Your Event”, where you can have a specialty scent created for your specific event. 

You can learn more and purchase The Black Candle Company products by visiting www.theblackcandlecompany.com.



Photographer/Videographer, Elle Danielle.

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