Her Nashville Story: Chef Ericka Fizer building her restaurant brand


Chef Ericka Fizer (aka Chef E) is a restauranteur, chef, wife, and mother, who grew up the oldest of seven siblings. Her grandmother always cooked, but eventually, Chef Ericka took on the role of cooking for all seven of her siblings. She said in a statement, “I had to get in the kitchen and figure things out”. She ended up getting creative and putting together random ingredients to make their meals and this is where her cooking skills were honed and why she always leans in with love in every meal.

Chef E’s journey has been a divine one, from working in management at Captain D’s to starting her own catering business. Then, through a chance conversation with a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Will Radford, the proprietor of The Local Distro. Chef E would receive an opportunity she couldn’t pass up to partner with Will and turn The Local Distro into Roasted Salemtown.

As Chef E She says, “food always makes everybody okay.” That’s exactly what she keeps in mind as she runs her restaurant. Her goal is to make soul food brunch that is cooked with love because if it’s cooked with love, it will feel like home. This universally translates to her customers, as they all feel the love and home within each meal.

Roasted Salemtown is now one of the hottest brunches in Nashville with lines out the door each weekend. With the success of her restaurant concept, she is ready to expand and bring more cooking with love concepts to Nashville and beyond.

Thank you to our shoot location host, Nancy Youssef and Photographer/Videographer, Elle Danielle.

Chef Ericka Fizer shares

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