Her Nashville Story: Amber Martin continues her family automotive legacy while pursuing purpose


From owning a clothing boutique in Los Angeles, helping athletes with their brand and media representation, to now working in her family’s automotive business, Amber Martin is a multi-hyphenate. creative living life with intention. She always knew she wanted to be a part of her family business, Martin Management Group. A long-standing family-run automotive dealership group based in Bowling Green, KY with several dealerships in Nashville. Amber had a front-row seat to how a business was run watching her father grow Martin Management Group to one of the top-ranked automotive dealership groups in the country and Top 10 African American-owned dealer groups. During this young age, Amber developed a strong love for entrepreneurship. After graduating from Miami University, Amber would pursue a career in media entertainment and dive into her first entrepreneurial endeavor, opening a clothing boutique in LA. She would later be led back to her family business to continue building legacy as the Director of Community + Brand Partnerships for Martin Management Group. As one of Her ancestors and everything they went through is what she thinks about and she believes it is a privilege to have this opportunity. Amber shares, “I feel it’s my obligation to continue the legacy my parents started.”

Martin Management Group came to Nashville around 2011 when they acquired Hyundai and Subaru on Broadway. Being on Broadway was where many dealerships used to call home before all of the cranes and new developments. The group now has three dealerships in Nashville including Nashville SuburuHyundai of Hickory Hollow and Genesis of Hickory Hollow and 20 dealerships across the country.

Amber strongly believes in the importance of pursuing one’s passions. She started companies right out of college and owned small businesses, such as her Los Angeles clothing boutique. From there, she developed her management expertise and gained much knowledge from these ventures, eventually expanding into real estate as well. “I always knew that media and being a creative was a part of my journey, now it’s all about tying it all together,” she shared. One of her latest ventures is Haus of Champions, a vacation rental near Geodis Park. Amber is focused on cultivating her latest ventures, the MMC Agency (Martin Management Collective) where she is helping other entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, and creatives with business expansion, brand exposure, entrepreneurship development, philanthropic planning, and media presentation for legacy impact. One of her latest ventures under MMC is her vacation rentals, including Haus of Champions located near Geodis Park in Wedgewood-Houston. She hopes to help others cultivate businesses that build legacy and generational wealth as she continues on her passion-forward journey.

Learn more about Amber Martin’s family business at their website and the MMC Agency

Photographer/Videographer, Elle Danielle.

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