Grace Wellness and Consulting: Crafting Safe Spaces for Authentic Healing


It takes courage to recognize when you need therapy and to know that the emotions caused by your experiences require support and a listening ear. Brittany Jones, founder and owner of Grace Wellness and Consulting, hopes to curate these safe spaces for people to feel their most authentic and vulnerable in hopes of fostering a successful healing journey.

Grace Wellness and Consulting was founded by Brittany, a Forest City, Arkansas native. Brittany remembers always having a knack for holding space for the feelings of others, even at a young age: “I always had this experience with people where I could be in the grocery store, talking to one of my mom’s friends or being at my grandma’s house–I noticed people would feel super comfortable talking to me about things…They would talk to me about relationships, their spirituality, where they were struggling in life, and I was so very intrigued,” Brittany shares. 

With a strong calling to put those communication skills to use, Jones graduated in 2008 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. But after struggling to find work amid the recession, Jones became a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, working odd jobs, including working at a law firm and in retail. Still blessed with the talent of connecting with others, Brittany was actively praying for work that would fulfill her when the idea of going into social work was brought to her by a close friend. “When I did my research to understand the social justice orientation of social work and the core of social work being the importance of the human experience and relationships. For the first time, that was something that felt like it went hand in hand with not only what I really love and care about, but who I am as a person.” Jones decided shortly thereafter to obtain her Masters in social work from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work.


The next steps, shares Jones, were pivotal: “From that point, every single step that I’ve taken has been intentional, has been purposeful, and has been truly outlined by God himself, every single step.”

Jones received great encouragement from her professors, one of which allowed Jones to work in their private practice and then, after obtaining the necessary licensure, Jones went on to open her own firm in Nashville, Grace Wellness and Consulting.

Grace Wellness and Consulting is a woman-owned and operated practice that provides trauma-informed care, specializing in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and depression. “What makes Grace Wellness different is that we truly pride ourselves on being able to provide a safe, culturally responsive, and culturally sensitive environment for healing to take place. We do that through extending grace to our clients and knowing that they come in with various experiences and unique stories.” 

Extending grace is a pillar for Grace Wellness and Consulting: “We need grace and we need space to be vulnerable and to be able to show up as our authentic selves and tell our authentic truths. We try to create the grace for that and a space of safety for people to truly be fostered along in their healing journey.”

Brittany Jones, Founder and Therapist

Brittany recognizes that every person has different needs so at Grace Wellness and Consulting, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. “We really want to understand their unique experiences from a holistic perspective. That’s why we are Grace Wellness and Consulting, so not just the therapeutic piece, but what is the whole picture of this person? What is their entire story? How can we intervene and how can we support them along their healing journey?” Methods often used by Brittany and her team include yoga, referrals to medical providers and massage therapists, as well as incorporating music and aspects of culture to curate a comfortable space.

“We are relational beings. We’re not created to be in this world and move through this experience of life alone. We need community, we need support, and we need intervention when necessary.” 

Grace Wellness and Consulting offers individual, group, and couples therapy, along with consulting and speaking services to help end the stigma of mental health in the workplace.

Find out more about Brittany, her team, and Grace Wellness and Consulting at

Photographer/Videographer: Elle Danielle

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