5 Family-Friendly Tours To Experience In Nashville


Nashville is full of life, history, and culture. Get out and discover all the amazing things that Nashville has to offer. You might be asking, “Well, where can I go?” Look no further, as we have put together 5 tours that are sure to show you just how truly amazing the city is. 

Tour of African American Culture

Get a tour of the history of black culture in Nashville. This is a walking tour that lasts for about 90 minutes. During this tour, you will see many historical landmarks. Learn about the amazing contributions and the impact that black culture has had on the Music City. Check out this guide for engaging conversations and expand your knowledge of the cultivation of Nashville. 

Murals and Instagram Tour 

Photos are a perfect way to capture memories forever. This is a golf cart tour with a duration of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. On this tour, you will get a chance to take photos with the beautiful art created right here in Nashville. This is a guide you will definitely want to wear the perfect picture outfit because you will definitely be snapping it up!

Evening, Sunset, or Night Helicopter Tour of Downtown Nashville 

Catch a stunning view right above downtown Nashville. This is a helicopter tour that is 15 minutes. The timing is perfect to catch the true beauty of Nashville. Fly over the lights that bring the city to life, Broadway, and all the tall buildings. Soar through the sky and see Nashville from a different eye in a uniquely exciting way. 

Zipline Forest at Nashville North 

A thrilling way to experience Nashville forest. This is a zipline tour that takes you on 8 different ziplines, and lasts 1 hour and 30 mins. Zip through the air and learn about the different wildlife, plants, and trees. A super exhilarating way to learn about what Nashville brings. This is a tour you will definitely want to be at. 

General Jackson Showboat Lunch or Dinner Cruise in Nashville

Cruise across Nashville’s Cumberland River. This is a paddlewheel boat tour that is approximately 4 hours long. Board one of the country’s largest paddlewheel boats and eat a delicious southern cooked meal. A beautiful experience is sure to be truly fun and entertaining. A live musical performance will also be shown during your meal. This tour of the Nashville skyline is one you’ll want to catch. 

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