Experience an exclusive art exhibit this Black History Month at Jefferson Street Sound Museum

In celebration of Black History Month, the Jefferson Street Sound Museum is proud to present Black History In Music: Work, Worship, and Celebration.” This exclusive art exhibit aims to revive the memory of those thriving times while also honoring the businesses and entrepreneurs that made Historic Jefferson Street a musical haven.

The exhibit will run every Saturday throughout February 2024 from 1-4 pm (February 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th)

Historic Jefferson Street, an epicenter of African American culture in Nashville, has been synonymous with musical innovation and enterprise. From being a sanctuary for runaway slaves post-Civil War to housing iconic Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), it has been a bedrock of education, spiritual support, and entertainment.

In its heyday, Historic Jefferson Street was more than just a neighborhood; it was the heart of Nashville’s Black community, pulsating with the rhythms of jazz, blues, and soul. The once bustling streets, lined with nightclubs and venues, were a playground for musical legends, fostering a rich cultural scene that left an indelible mark on the history of black music in America.

However, the construction of Interstate 40 in the 1960s dealt a devastating blow to this thriving community. The highway cut through the heart of Historic Jefferson Street, fragmenting the neighborhood, displacing residents, and leading to the decline of many historic businesses and venues. This pivotal moment changed the landscape of the community, marking an era of challenge and transformation for Historic Jefferson Street.

Through their artworks, our featured artists will bring to life the legacy of Historic Jefferson Street’s musicians and the vibrant businesses that supported them. Each piece is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and musical genius that defined Historic Jefferson Street, offering a window into a past filled with rhythm, soul, and community spirit.

Join Jefferson Street Sound Museum in this unique exhibit that not only celebrates the musical geniuses of the past, but also underscores the importance of revitalizing the businesses and cultural fabric of Historic Jefferson Street. Be part of this journey to remember, honor, and reignite the legacy of a street that once was the heart and soul of Nashville’s black community.

Location: Jefferson Street Sound Museum, 2004 Jefferson Street, Nashville, TN 37208

Featured Artists:

  • Benneth Wilson

  • Elisheba Israel-Mrozik

  • James Threalkill

  • Karen Coffee

  • Michael Mucker

  • Morgan Hines

  • Michael McBride

*Note: Tours of the Museum are excluded from the art show.

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