Ebb + Iv: The vintage furniture studio you must know in Nashville

Special note: We captured Alisa Jernigan’s story of Ebb+Iv at her studio in Madison on November 29, 2023. Just 10 days later her studio would be destroyed due to the devastating tornados that hit Nashville. You can support Alisa as she rebuilds and finds another studio space by clicking here GoFundMe page.

Alisa Jernigan’s quiet spirit and beautiful eye for aesthetics are what make Ebb + Iv such a vintage treasure in Nashville. It is a studio curated for all the vintage furniture and antique lovers to plush out their next renovation project, home, or commercial endeavor. Through Alisa’s appreciation for unique pieces and innate want to preserve vs. throw away, Ebb + Iv is leading a new wave in home decor and intentional living. 

Vintage type of life

“As humans, it’s our responsibility to keep beautiful, timeless pieces in circulation and not feed them to the landfills” shares Alisa. In that statement alone, I knew this was a woman who had true ardor for the work she was doing. So much so that she took a leap of faith in September 2022 to pursue growing Ebb + Iv full-time, after a career counseling incarcerated individuals. It was during this time, after sourcing things for other people that she started thinking about what pursuing her own business full-time would look like. As she shares, “I remember hearing one individual who stated… just because you enjoy something and you’re good at it, doesn’t mean it has to be your job.” This resonated with Alisa because she had a passion for the justice system but knew she was being called to something different. 


Exploring what’s calling you

Alisa’s first set of plans was to make her mother and grandmother happy by going to law school and becoming an attorney. She started off going to school and working as a paralegal. “Since I was a kid I always told my mom, my grandmother, my whole family that I was going to be an attorney, as she remembers, “Then, both my mother and grandmother passed away within 6 months of each other…and it took me sitting and realizing you can be good at a lot of things but life does not have to be a 9-5.” Alisa decided she would focus on that one thing that would always pop into her mind, vintage furniture. It’s interesting because many people in this new season are leaving their corporate, professional careers to pursue creative, passion-forward ventures. “If there’s something you just can’t leave it alone and you feel like that’s your passion and want to learn more about, I think people should explore it”, states Alisa. 

Each piece means something

Vintage is a whole thing right now from clothes, art to furniture, and all things in between. For Alisa, it’s about the quality and how each piece of furniture can be sustained, loved, and used for the long haul. Alisa affirms, “I want to know if you are buying for the moment or you are looking for something that you want to keep long term?” This was so fascinating because I think back to the family heirloom furniture pieces my Mom still holds dear. It is quintessential preservation at its finest without sometimes even knowing it. “Everything I source is something that I would have in my own house. Something that has history and is not mass produced,” Alisa shares.

Each of Alisa’s pieces is absolutely, beautiful and will add character that you can’t get from a traditional furniture store, Target of Amazon. If you are a novice ready to get into the vintage, antique pro make sure to visit Ebb + Iv for their latest collection of pieces.


Photography: Christian Sinclair

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