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We are talking good eats and dream chasing today with Chef Keith Batts. Chef Batts is passionate about food and brings a cool, swag to each client he serves. Plus, if you ever treat yourself to a Chef Batts experience, Carolyn will probably be your first point of contact and she is pretty awesome! As always, make sure to share and celebrate someone else’s greatness today.

What inspired you to start Chef Batts Catering::

I really wanted as many people as possible to indulge in my cuisines. I prepare everything from scratch with southern inspiration and an international flare to touch souls. I love to cook; it really feeds my soul and me.

Why food::

Food is my first love; it has been since the age of 12. I have always loved being in the kitchen; when my parents didn’t cook I did, my siblings would play and I would feed them meals I created. I remember watching the women in my life in the kitchen all the time especially during large family meals.

You are probably one of a few Nashvillians, born & raised…tell us what you think about the “New Nashville::

I think it’s cool. I love where Nashville is headed, the growth is beneficial, however, we need more quality businesses that were established by Nashvilians, before all the gentrification and New Nashville is established. I have always wanted to be based in Nashville, and here I am.

What is the one quote/scripture you live by::

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Tell us about your new venture Cookies by Keith? What’s the one flavor everyone should try::

Cookies by Keith actually was something that spun off a work project, I created a product and soon found I could capitalize and share it with the world. Because I truly believe in my product I will promote and brand until every cookie company knows my name. I love the Choc. Chip Almond Heath Mix cookie and my sister loves the Chocolate Chip cookie. All of my cookies are everything I want in a cookie.

You do a lot of volunteering and giving back to the community, what inspires you to do that::

I grew up in East Nashville when East Nasty was a rap group and Five Points didn’t exist. Now that all this gentrification is in process, I want young people especially Black youth to be able to dream and obtain it. But I always let the youth know that it takes hard work and sacrifice to obtain any dream or vision. It makes me happy to come to my old neighborhood and feed over 8,000 people for Thanksgiving; I have been blessed to do this for the past 2 years. When it comes to the youth, I love being a living example to those who are interested in culinary arts. I open the doors to my Kitchen to any determined youth interested in Culinary Arts because this was an opportunity I didn’t have. I just feel good using my time and talents to give back to my community.

What tips would you give to the entrepreneur catering as a side hustle right now::

I would say have a clear vision and whatever obstacles you encounter just knock them down with a vengeance and keeping striving to your vision. Never underestimate the power of being organized.

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