4 Reasons To Attend Cheekwood’s African American Cultural Family Celebration


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You won’t find a better spot to celebrate music, food, visual and performing arts, and artwork than Nashville, TN. With that said, Cheekwood is hosting their inaugural 2021 African American Cultural Family Celebration on August 14-15 and it will be a beautiful two days you need to experience. There’s no better location to hold such an event with this magnitude of fun and culture than at Cheekwood, with its beautiful botanical gardens and exquisite museum. Urbaanite had a chance to connect with the folks over at Cheekwood and wanted to share our 4 reasons why you need to bring your family, kids and friends out to this fabulous, multicultural event. We outside, remember!

  1. Listen To Music From Nashville Greats

It wouldn’t truly be a proper, swinging Nashville shindig without live music! At the African American Cultural Family Celebration, you’ll hear from some of our amazing local black musicians. Whether you recognize your favorite artists or find a new musician or band to stan, you’ll find your toes tapping and your heart soaring in time with the tunes. 

  1. Sample Tasty Fare From Local Foods Trucks

Nashville is not just a one-hit wonder with its music: after all, it’s not just Music City, it’s also Flavortown! So while you’re enjoying the amazing music drifting across the gardens, let your taste buds experience the delicious flavors of some of Nashville’s finest local food trucks. 

  1. Enjoy Hands-On Activities And Workshops

Cheekwood’s African American Cultural Family Celebration is all about highlighting Black artistry. You can participate in the creation of art yourself with hands-on activities, workshops, and wellness opportunities, all with the focus of visual and performing arts. 

  1. Embark On Curator-Led Tours, including the newest William Edmondson Exhibit

Cheekwood has much to offer for anyone who cares to take a second glance. Their curator-led tours will take you through The Sculpture of William Edmondson: Tombstones, Garden Ornaments, and Stonework. This exhibition highlights the work of William Edmondson, a Nashville native and the first Black artist to ever have a show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and book your ticket for the event here. You’ll find the African American Cultural Family Celebration in Cheekwood at the following address: 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37205. Come join in the fun and celebrate local Black artists and culture!


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