Cë Gallery kicks off its immersive gallery experience, Murmuration this weekend


Cë Gallery, honored as Nashville’s Best Art Gallery in 2022 and 2023, proudly announced its next endeavor – temporarily converting a warehouse space in North Nashville into a contemporary and fine arts gallery + immersive experience March 22 – 24.

In “Murmuration – ‘A Flight Through the Configuration of Blackness, we invite you to embark on a visual journey exploring the profound beauty and significance of the color black and/or blackness within the realm of artistic expression. The warehouse space, temporarily reimagined as a gallery, amplifies the impact of each artwork, creating a dialogue between the raw industrial setting and the refined aesthetics of fine art. This juxtaposition fosters a unique viewing experience, encouraging visitors to explore the intersections of art, space, and community.

The exhibition curated by Gallerist Clarence Edward, which features works from both emerging talents and established artists, captures the essence of the ever-evolving artistic landscape. From avant-garde installations to timeless fine art, our exhibition promises an exploration of perspective that resonates with the vibrancy of Nashville’s artistic spirit.

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