ButterFLY Garden Brunch + Events: A New Dining Experience in Lenox Village


Shannon and Chef Jerod are two business partners who connected over a shared interest of bringing a unique brunch spot to Nashville. ButterFLY Garden Brunch + Events is truly a breath of fresh air in the popular Lenox Village area and the spot for a one-of-a-kind experience.

How did ButterFLY Garden come to be?

Owners Shannon Randles and Chef Jerod Wilcher didn’t even know each other before this venture and you wouldn’t know it by the cohesiveness of the food and experience.  “I never tasted this man’s food. And when we finally, discussed what we were going to do, it’s crazy how our visions and our ideas came together,” Shannon shared. “Shannon came up with the concept ButterFLY Garden Brunch + Events, and then I added my culinary experience behind it,” Chef Jerod shares. They had a dream of bringing brunch to Nashville in a new way and that is exactly what the duo did: a brunch where a ticket gets you two hours of bottomless food, an hour of bottomless drinks, live music and nothing less than 5-star service.

And as for the ButterFLY, Chef Jerod explains, “is a sign of transformation…and we feel like we’ve been given a second chance in life, that this has been something that God has given both of us separately and together we’re pushing this baby out.”

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What to Expect

“Think Brazilian Steakhouse” says Shannon. On Saturday and Sunday, The ButterFLY Garden offers two different seating times of 11AM to 1PM and 2PM to 4PM. Reservations are required for these days. The price is $50 per person, which includes table-side bottomless brunch and bottomless mimosas for the first hour.

Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm, they offer in-house seating and to-go lunch, with menu-style ordering. And, the space is so beautiful, it is available for rental after 5 pm, so make sure to keep them in mind for your next event.

Let’s Talk Food

The ButterFLY Garden’s menu is all Chef Choice and rotates consistently. Some of the staple menu items include French Toast coated in corn flakes, Waffle Biscuits filled with cheese, green onion, bacon, and egg, Hennessy and Honey Wings, Mac and Cheese and more.  Not to mention their crowd favorites. The Salmon Croquettes are a staple explains Shannon, “They are not just on the menu, but they’re on the menu named after me, because it’s my favorite item on the menu.” And, of course, the Shrimp and Grits is a customer favorite. Chef Jerod agrees and adds that the Oyster Rockefeller is one of his favorites, “an oyster baked on a half shell with cream and spinach and topped with Asiago cheese. And Parmesan cheese and crispy pancetta”. Chef Jerod definitely puts his heart into his food and it shows.

What will people walk away with from the ButterFLY Garden Experience?

Experience and inspiration. Chef Jerod explains, “I want them to walk away and say, that’s the best waffle I ever had in my life…[and personally] I want people to know my story and see if he did it, I can too.”

Learn more about The ButterFLY Garden here

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