Butter, Eggs & Bakin: The Quaint Hidden Gem Restaurant in South Nashville

Butter, Eggs, and Bakin might be one of the most unique eateries in Nashville. This tiny hidden gem is off Second Avenue South, tucked away onto Hart Street in the Chestnut Hill area. Only five minutes from downtown, they offer an astonishing variety of specials, such as seafood gumbo, tamales, or pozole, each dish packed with rich flavor. Owner Darryl Floyd first got the idea to start the restaurant after his pies won first place in the Tennessee State Fair in 2013. 

Now, Floyd serves his pies alongside many other dishes, like his daily made from scratch chili. Considerate of the large Somali community that attends Al-Farouq mosque down the street, Floyd uses beef instead of pork in his chili. Other breakfast items include sausage or egg and cheese biscuits, perfect with a cup of coffee. On weekends, Floyd makes quiches that can be ordered by the slice. Of course, it’s never too early for dessert. Ask for one of Floyd’s award-winning chess pies, southern bourbon pecan pies, cheesecake, or banana pudding. For lunch, the tuna salad and chicken salad sandwiches are very popular. 

What to eat:

As much as it’s known for the amazing pies, Butter, Eggs, and Bakin is also known for dishing out traditional Mexican food. On certain weekends, Floyd’s wife, who is Mexican, makes delicious pozole. Pozole, a traditional stew from Mexico made with hominy, meat, chiles, and other ingredients, is especially popular in September, when Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico. In the winter, they also make tamales that receive rave reviews for their authentic and rich flavors. Due to the high demand for the tamales in the off-season, they also accept private orders for tamales. 

To keep up with their unique specials, follow Butter, Eggs, and Bakin on Facebook. Or give Floyd a call, he loves connecting with his customers. Some of the recent specials include clam chowder, chicken poblano soup, menudo, Moroccan vegetable tagine soup, and the must try seafood gumbo that has squid, octopus, crawdads, and a house-made roux.

The location and building of Butter, Eggs, and Bakin is almost as remarkable as the delicious food. The building hardly has standing room for customers inside, but a few patio seats are available for a quick bite outside. Floyd loves chatting with customers outside, as neighbors passing by roll down their windows to wave hello. While the neighborhood around it is changing, Floyd’s business stands out as a reminder of the value small and family-owned businesses bring to their community. 

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Butter, Eggs & Bakin: The Quaint Hidden Gem Restaurant in South Nashville

Butter, Eggs, and Bakin might be one of the most unique eateries...
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