A new Membership Community for Black female entrepreneurs hits Nashville

The Bold Collective, a groundbreaking initiative led by visionary entrepreneur Karen Williams, launched this month. Dedicated to supporting 1,500 Black female entrepreneurs by 2027, The Bold Collective is more than just a community; it’s a movement reshaping the landscape of entrepreneurship.

The Bold Collective’s mission is to provide the resources and support Black female entrepreneurs need to build stable and profitable businesses. Karen Williams, the founder also recognized for building MinTech Agency, Nashville’s first diversity tech recruiting company, brings her extensive experience and passion to this venture. “We’re not just a community; we’re a movement toward creating more stable and profitable Black women-owned businesses,” says Williams. Her vision is to establish the most extensive ecosystem for Black female entrepreneurs, focusing on access to essential resources and support teams.

The Bold Collective introduces an innovative approach to entrepreneurial support:

  • Business Evaluation and Strategic Planning: Each member receives a personalized plan, ensuring a strong start with momentum.
  • Virtual Assistants: To assist with routine tasks, freeing members to focus on critical business aspects.
  • Access to a C-Suite of Professionals: Offering advice in legal, marketing, operations, HR, accounting, and finance.
  • A Private Online Community: A one-stop hub for masterclasses, workshops, and member groups.

The power of having the right support can be life-changing for the entrepreneur and the collective offers just that.

Applications are now open! Learn more and apply here.

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