Black Bar Crawl Nashville: The newest tour experience you can get behind


Black Bar Crawl Nashville is the newest tour experience to hit the city and we are here for it. The women behind this growing Nashville experience are pretty amazing! They are cultivating an awesome experience that was fueled by their own need to find community and being outside in Nashville. Black Bar Crawl Nashville was created by 5 extraordinary women – Paige A. Jack, Rachel Jones, Kimberly Adams, Loni Gibson and Lesley Nunnery.

We had a chance to sit down with two of the founders, Paige Jack and Kimberly Adams who became friends through one divine encounter at a Talib Kweli concert that has turned into a blossoming friendship and several business ventures fueled by their love of community and connection.

If you have ever asked the question, “where are the black people in Nashville?”, Black Bar Crawl Nashville is your answer.

The women behind Black Bar Crawl Nashville

The Black Bar Crawl (BBC) takes you on a journey through historic North and East Nashville, exploring the newest and coolest black-owned, independent liquor brands served up at 5 of the hottest spots in the city. The crawl takes place each quarter and we suggest you sign up to be notified as tickets will sell out. The crawl is truly an experience to meet new people but also get a taste of Nashville, through our history and growing businesses. The crawl is about reminding people of all the businesses that are here and recognizing the businesses/owners so that others can discover them. They want the crawl to also help in changing the perception of certain bars and lounges because there are so many off-the-beaten-path places that locals and tourists can get into. We all need to be a part of the Nashville narrative and it is cool to see how the crawl is bringing together many of the newbies in Nashville.

We curate a crowd around the event that is welcoming and a fun time with your unknown bestie, taking them to places where you may not have checked out on your own. – Kimberly Adams



The crawl boasts several great partnerships to help bring each experience to life. The last crawl experience was in partnership with Uncle Nearest and included specialty cocktails inspired by the fastest-growing whisky brand in the country. They also lean into smaller batch spirit brands and other independent brands to ensure they are amplified and people are able to learn about them.

The crawl experience includes an option for general admission or you can grab a VIP ticket for the full party bus-style experience, including transportation to each of the venues, swag, and a complimentary brunch.

The fellowship access and we have found many of our crawl members are new to Nashville and we have become a conduit for them to build new relationships in the city – Paige Jack

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