Birria Babe: Serving Nashville Love via Tacos

Like so many of us, Nadine Moore, proprietor of Birria Babe Taco Truck, gained perspective on what she wanted for her life during the COVID-19 Pandemic. At the time, she was managing a restaurant in downtown Nashville but was let go from her position after returning from 2 weeks of illness despite her two doctors’ notes in hand. Frustrated and worried about her financial stability during such uncertain times, she vowed never to give anyone that power over her life again. She decided then that working for herself was what she wanted to do.

Nadine had dreamed of opening a food truck as a teenager but had always been afraid to take that leap. Her anger from the COVID firing was just the motivation she needed to invest in herself and spend her savings in the trailer that now serves up some of Nashville’s best Birria!



For the first three months after opening, it was just her and 1 cashier. She was shopping, cooking, and towing her tacos all across Nashville alone. But her efforts paid off, and she was soon able to hire her husband as her full-time sous chef.

Why Birria Tacos? For Nadine, it was love at first bite. She had her first Birria taco while living in NYC and thought it was the most delicious taco she had ever eaten. With the gooey melted cheese, the tender braised beef, and the crispy exterior shell further elevated by the spicy consume dip… it’s quite literally the perfect bite of food. She immediately knew it was something she wanted to make and that it was something Nashville had room for, as only a few restaurants were serving Birria tacos at the time and not quite as flavorful and crispy as she knew they should be.

Birria Quesatacos and Birria Ramen

She decided to serve Birria and only the BEST Birria because the dish is a labor of love worthy of her undivided attention. 

Signature Item to Try: Birria Quesatacos is her classic main seller. She offers traditional Lamb Birria, a crowd favorite, along with both Chicken and Beef Birria. The Birria Ramen, a hybrid with Japanese ramen noodles is a close second in popularity and always sells out.

Feel the Love. Nadine and her husband, Eddy, spend three days making each batch of Birria. It’s truly a labor of love that she pours into with the hopes that customers feel the love! She isn’t a chef to get rich; rather she wants to share her food vibes with people to uplift their moods with her hospitality and flavors. She believes that food is energy and when she makes food for her customers she wants to transfer her good energy into them by nourishing their bodies.

Where to find Birria Babe. Birria Babe’s Instagram is constantly up-to-date with her schedule, location, and any special and/or seasonal offerings. She’s most often found in the Wedgewood/Houston area but is also available for private events. In the Summer of 2024, she will have a permanent brick-and-mortar location in partnership with Cyanide Cider at 410 Woodbine Street. Be sure to follow along and if you haven’t already, go get a taco and feel the Birria Babe love! 


Photos: Elle Danielle

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Birria Babe: Serving Nashville Love via Tacos

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