Calling all artists: Submit your work for Black Joy, in Spite of….coming to the Frist Art Museum

Are you an artist seeking to share your work with the world? Submit your work today for the upcoming Frist Art Museum exhibition, Black Joy, in Spite of…by guest curator Brigette Janea Jones, a friend of Urbaanite and past contributor.

Through a selection of historical imagery paired with contemporary art, Brigette will offer a more three-dimensional picture of the Black American experience by focusing on moments of joy despite a history of pain and struggle. “This pain has sustained Black people, in some ways, by making us resilient or seem even ‘superhuman’ in the face of injustices. However, these ‘superhuman’ people were and still are worthy of being humanized in our collective memory,” says Jones.

This exhibition will showcase existing photographs of the enslaved and their descendants made throughout the three geographical regions of Tennessee from various time periods, including enslavement, Reconstruction, the civil rights movement, the crack era, and more. Jones invites students and recent graduates from Tennessee’s HBCUs and public universities to respond to themes evoked through the historical images with their own artistic interpretations of Black people resisting harm and embarking on the eternal journey to Black joy.

Artist submissions will be taken through November 26, 2023 at 11:59 pm cst. There is no submission fee to submit so make sure to read all of the requirements and submit your work.


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