Angela Mitchell-Hill is turning delayed flights into spa days at the Nashville Airport


Angela Mitchell-Hill created a beautiful staple right on Historic Jefferson Street almost 30 years ago, NaSah’s. A beauty, spa, and nail bar that started with $27 and a resounding faith in what God promised her. Angela landed in Nashville to attend Tennessee State University and ended up making the city her home. She is now a go-to staple in the Nashville International Airport for travelers seeking quick relaxing self-care moments. As Angela helps people turn ‘flight delays into spa days’, she is also an investor in over 13 other airport concession businesses. She is now focused on sharing her business knowledge to empower the next generation of women and entrepreneurs who are seeking to realize their dreams. 

Angela shares one fateful date in 1997, with $27 to her name, she walked into Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Jefferson Street. “It was Wednesday, it was a line of traffic, and I was even more frustrated. And then I thought, where are these people? They were gonna Bible study. I was not there for the message…I was there to leave that 27 dollars. I decided to turn it over to God and I did. I put it in an envelope, left, and felt like a burden had been released.” For Angela, that one amazing faith step, would lead her to opening up her business just six weeks later two blocks down from Mt. Zion. Opening her doors on Historic Jefferson Street would provide her with an amazing foundation for success throughout these years.


You started your business back in 1997 on Jefferson Street. Why is this Nashville Corridor so important?

You know, that corridor was important before I got there. You can feel the energy of Jefferson Street. You’ve got it anchored with TSU, you’ve got Fisk and Meharry University there. Now we’ve got, you know, all of the state developments on the Eighth Avenue side. However, Jefferson Street has been special specifically to people of color in this area. Being a student, a transplant from Detroit, it was the first street I learned about from going and listening to the history that’s on Jefferson Street, and all the roots that come from Jefferson Street. It is of no amazement to me that Jefferson Street is now represented as much as it is in the airport with so many businesses having their initial start on that historic street. I’m so happy to be able to share that story.

What has helped you to sustain your business throughout this time?

That’s a great question. Self-development. I am keen and focused on every year becoming better. I think that in a nutshell it allows me to have progress in my professional life as well as my personal life. Being able to stay focused on my faith, my passion, and going to get the knowledge and the insight that’s necessary to be able to be sustainable. We survived COVID by the grace of God, and that is a testament in itself of course. I learned to be flexible and to pivot and see there’s more than one way to do things. If someone else is doing it, I can do it too.

NaSah’s spa products


What can people find when they stop by NaSah’s Nurture Nature?

Oh, first of all, #leavebetter. That’s what we’re here to do. We turn flight delays into spa days at BNA and we enhance their visit. We have customers that come to us and say we’re an oasis in a sea of madness. We use an immersive type of approach, through sight, sound, aroma, tone, music, and even crystal therapy. So we use everything that we can to help to enhance the travel experience and help people to be better. Most travelers that we encounter are here for two reasons – Either they are happy going on a vacation or a honeymoon or girls’ weekend, or they’re not so happy and they are going to a funeral or leaving their family. So we have curated a systematic way that we’re able to take transport that traveler for 15-20 minutes, allowing them to leave brand new.


Not only do you have your business, but you are a joint venture partner in a few other concession businesses around the airport. Tell us more?

Yes. Well, there’s a total of 13 in Nashville’s airport and, um, it’s a variety of concepts. We’ve got Musicians Hall of Fame, which is our twin sister as we call her. And that’s an opportunity for us to stay connected to the community, as I’ve always been invested in Jefferson Street. Um, and, and the music, uh, the soul of the music of Nashville. And so this, this particular concept gives me the ability to, um, showcase that in the airport to travelers. You know, we are more than Dolly, although she’s one of my favorite people ever. You know, we are more than do park here. And so, um, I love that opportunity to showcase that. 

You have seen a lot as a business owner in Nashville for almost 30 years. What is one thing that you love about the growth of the city and one thing you miss about old school Nashville?

What I love about the growth of Nashville is consistent with the reason why I’ve always loved Nashville, it’s like a sponge. There are so many opportunities here. If you bring anything of value to Nashville, it’s like it absorbs you in and helps you to grow and blossom. So I love all the opportunities that are in Nashville.

What I miss is being able to get anywhere in 10 minutes. This is LA traffic now. I mean, it’s a whole thing. If I could do anything, I would want to alleviate the traffic a little. 

So, what’s next for NaSah’s Nurture Nature?

10x, that’s what’s next!

Angela also shared a cool new initiative headed to the airport, the BNA Pass. Coming soon you will be able to experience NaSah’s and all of the other businesses and restaurants in the airport even when you are not catching flights. Get ready to book your 60-minute facials and more. To learn more about NaSah’s and make sure you grab an experience the next time you are at the airport visit –




Interview conducted by Urbaanite contributor, Kay Elle White and edited for clarity.

Photographer/Videographer: Elle Danielle

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