Meet The Urbaanite: Amelia Watts


Amelia Watts is a rockstar banker who is helping entrepreneurs across this city keep their finances in order. The relationship manager at Studio Bank, Amelia has been a part of helping many businesses in Nashville receive assistance through PPP loans during the pandemic. She is an Urbaanite on the move and definitely someone you should know. We hope you enjoy getting to know Amelia.

Title: Relationship Manager at Studio Bank

How many years have you been in Nashville?

I grew up in Franklin, TN and have lived in Nashville for most of my life.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?

I speak to entrepreneurs on a daily basis, as part of the work I do at Studio Bank. I’m creating a space for those individuals to leverage their banking relationship in order to be more effective, empowered, and educated. This is just part of what makes me and Studio Bank so special.

What inspires you?

People who have the passion and grit to chase their dreams and create something unique and meaningful, especially when the odds are stacked against them. I’m inspired by people who are vulnerable enough to speak their truth, even when its messy or flawed. Life is full of wins, losses, struggles and successes and when we’re open with each other about our journey, we realize just how much we have in common.

Why Nashville?

Nashville has a certain magnetism that grabs ahold of you and won’t let you leave. I’ve lived in other cities, but I always come back to Nashville because it feels like home. Even though the city is transforming and growing so fast, it never fails, I always run into someone I know from way back. Those are intangible qualities I don’t believe I would find in another city.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during Covid?

I’ve always loved being outside, enjoying mother nature. When Covid hit, I spent a lot of time at parks and greenways around the city, since many of my favorite restaurants and shops were shut down. I took weekly, sometimes daily, trips to the Ellington Agricultural Center. Now that things are opening back up, I’m looking forward to exploring NMAAM at the new 5th and Broadway complex.

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