All People Coffee & Beverage Hall: Bringing People Together


All People Coffee & Beverage Hall is East Nashville’s, “home away from home”. Anchored underneath the Douglas Market Lofts lies the cornerstone of the community where you are guaranteed to be welcomed into a space of comfort and coffee by the friendly staff with familial hospitality. Owners Corey Alexander and Bradley Bruce created the space as a melting pot for all people to come together. After a splendid latte in their refreshing atmosphere, you will be sure to leave fulfilled and planning to come back soon.

The identity of All People was birthed at the beginning of the nation’s COVID pandemic when quarantine was enforced, and political unrest divided local communities. First spoken into the universe as a coffee-bike shop idea, Corey and Bradley chiseled back and forth on a concept that felt right. What started out as a coffee-bike shop idea changed to a coffee-wine bar concept, and then possibly a coffee-wine bar trailer. That is, until Corey asked Bradley, “What do you want this coffee shop to be?” Together, they answered with a common vision— a place to bring all people together.

It took a village of family and friends, as well as the support of the community, to help fuel the creation. With the discovery of the perfect location, the shop found its home in a neighborhood that didn’t have many places to gather. Corey and Bradley are excited about the progress the coffee shop has made in such a short time, since opening in late December, and look forward to even more in the future.

What to expect:
To feel welcomed at All People happens naturally; never forced due to the array of locally sourced items, ranging from the coffee beans to the tabletops, and the strategic setup of the coffee bar. Traditionally, most coffee shops place the espresso and coffee machinery on the front bar as a barricade between customers and baristas, but All People saw the front bar as a clear way for baristas and customers to interact closely. Not to mention, the self-serve tap wall that invites customers to sit down and try a plethora of local beer, cider, and kombucha options.

What to eat and drink:
The popular fan favorites on the menu starts with the Blue Matcha Latte. Hot or iced, it is a specialty drink that catches the eye in blue tie-dye fashion and captures your taste buds all at once. If not that, you can go south of the border with the classic Cuban, a highlighted taste that has a sweet-condensed milk base to set the tone by itself or change the game by adding flavors. Next, go big or go home with their renowned bagels. The word around town continues to spread (pun intended) about the size of their bagels, which are a special addition that compliments well with a nice drip coffee.

Along with the popularity of its coffee and bites, All People is growing as a premiere space to host gatherings and events for the community to support, plus a beautiful mural to capture your photo and commemorate your experience. Be sure to visit their Instagram page to check out upcoming events like Sip & Snap, Grounds & Sounds, Off the Record, and more! If any interest to use the space, be sure to contact the shop for more information at

Location: All People Coffee & Beverage

Photographer: Elle Danielle


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