A Welcome Look Inside: Slim + Husky’s Downtown

Indoor dining area

Slim + Husky’s is that spot. A cherished Nashville favorite with tasty pizzas, sweet cinnamon rolls, and a top-notch theme. The pizzeria recently added a new location that is convenient to all, making history as the first Black-owned restaurant on Nashville’s Broadway Street! With its new location, Slim + Husky’s will become a prime location for tourists who frequent the busy street, giving them a taste of the true culture of Nashville. See a walk-through of the new location, and take a visit to pick up your favorite pizza. Don’t forget to grab a few cinnamon rolls on your way out!

(left to right, Clint Gray, Slim + Husky’s Co-Founder, DJ Wootsen, Derrick Moore, Slim + Husky’s Co-Founder, Darryl Freeman


Pizza Rules Everything Around Me

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