A Virtual Wellness Retreat From The Women Behind Triluna


The creative minds behind Triluna are bringing Nashvillians and beyond together for wellness, community and magic on Saturday, April 25, 2020. Triluna is a 100% female-owned company based in Nashville, on a mission to make wellness accessible and enjoyable.

As you are getting into new at home routines, this retreat will give you a welcome escape that will put your self-care first, connect with other women and cultivate community. As Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore share, “We believe wellness should be sustainable and realistic. Mostly, we believe that building and benefiting your community is the strongest way to increase your health and happiness.”

Fun note: Ashley also shared her ideal 24 Hours in Nashville, which includes a great dose of wellness and more.


The Triluna Retreat will combine their three core services—movement, health coaching, and home cooking—into one immersive experience designed to touch on all of these things. As they share, “We may be digital now, but we will still teach you skills that you can carry into your daily life (like how to cook with limited supplies).”

You can expect: Yoga to increase self-love and build body awareness (no quarantine body shaming in this space). You will laugh, You will probably cry, and you will build a community to last a lifetime. Join them on the 25th as they take over a space at Bento Living Nashville and go live with a full day of programming designed to relax and inspire. More information and registration available at TRILUNAretreats.com.

Ashley will also be leading an Urbaanite inspired Self-Care Sunday session that Issa and Molly would be proud of on our Facebook Live, Sunday, April 26th at 4:30pm after their amazing retreat.


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