A Trip Down To The Nearest Green Distillery

Take a look back at the half-day trip we took in February for our History With Friends series, to celebrate Black History Month in Nashville. This experience was our second entree into creating memorable experiences by elevating some of the stories we share online into meaningful moments in real life with people seeking to journey outside their everyday norms.

Starting things off with a food experience by chefs and owners of City Farm Company was a treat. Then, attendees were guided down to the Nearest Green Distillery, a sanctuary for connoisseurs of history and whiskey. ¬†We received a look back into African American history through the story of Nearest Green in the most thoughtful way, while engaging in fun and connection throughout the tour and tasting. We also had an impromptu revelation that AKA’s must be our spirit sorority as every woman in attendance was a part of the 100+ year greek organization.



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