A Nashville YouTuber Shares Her Date Night At Home



Alesha “@Aleshanokeys” Faulkner is a Nashville content creator and full-time mom/wife from Memphis with a following of over 28,000 “insta-cousins” who have come to trust her opinion and value her advice regarding beauty, haircare, style, and life.

Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary (queue Tony Toni Tone)!! Well, it was actually a few weeks ago, but our at home paint and sip quarantine anniversary celebration was so fun and easy to put together that I’m sharing all the details so that you can make your next at home date a night to remember. 

Being in quarantine and practicing social distancing has pushed us to be much more intentional and thoughtful when it comes to dating and keeping things fun, so this at home paint and sip is the perfect way to bring some fun and creativity into your next date night at home. 

We started our night by ordering takeout from our favorite steakhouse and having a candlelight dinner in our dining room. It is easy to create a five-star restaurant feel with simple flowers on the table, candles and a white tablecloth (if you do not have a tablecloth, just do what we did and use a white flat sheet. ) Add the finishing touches:  dinnerware, silverware, wine, and soft music and I swear you will love the intimate ambiance in your own home as much, if not more, than your typical fancy restaurant. 

After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening enjoying an at home paint and sip. Since a lot of stores were closed at the time, I placed a Curbside pickup order at Michael’s, which made it easy for us to get all the art supplies we needed for the evening. I will list the supplies you will need below.  I spent a total of $50 with enough supplies to do this paint and sip over and over again!

  • Paint – acrylic paint is versatile and most of the tutorials I came across required this type of paint. The colors will depend on the painting you decide to create. Michael’s sells acrylic paint sets with a lot of different colors to make shopping easier.
  • Canvas – I bought a two pack of 11×14 canvases. The size of the canvas you will need will depend on the size of the paint you choose to create.
  • Easels – this is optional since you could paint on the table, but to give it a more authentic feel, this is a step you do not want to skip. 
  • Brushes – Michael’s sells a value brush kit for 5 dollars. Since you need two of everything, buying two of these kits helps you ensure that you will have all the brushes you need.
  • Aprons – this is also optional, but for an authentic look, Michael’s has them for 5 dollars.

Now let’s go over the setup. If you have a long table that you can set up, use that, but if not, whatever table you have will work. We also used a black tablecloth to protect the table from paint spills. After you set up your easels and canvases, you and your date will be ready to paint. We chose to use a free paint tutorial that we found on stepbysteppainting.net and followed along on our TV. There are also tutorials out there that you can purchase, but there are so many free options that it’s definitely not necessary to buy one (YouTube is another good place to find tutorials). 

And that is all family! An easy, fun, and creative way to spend some quality time with your honey at home! If you try this out, let me know. I would love to see what you guys come up with! Enjoy!

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A Nashville YouTuber Shares Her Date Night At Home

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  • To my son and his beautiful wife. Thanks for reminding us that you can have pure romantic intimacy at home. I loved the fact that you not only dressed the house up for date night, but you both dressed for a night of fine dining, fun night and pleasure❤️
    Never stop doing what you do. A family that pray and play together… Stay Together.
    Love you both & Thanks for sharing
    Mom & Dad ?

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