A Mental Health Check


Mental Health Awareness has been pushed to the forefront, especially during this wild ride of a season we have been on. We sat down with local Nashville therapist, Kristen Small of Nashville Emotional Wellness (NEW) to glean some insight into what finding and incorporating a therapist into your self-care routine entails.

Consider Your Needs
Consider where you are and what it is that you want and need right at this moment in terms of support.


Consult Your Provider’s Directory/Search Online
If you plan to pay for therapy through your insurance plan, you may also want to look through your plan’s provider network. Many mental health organizations maintain up-to-date, searchable databases of licensed therapists. You can begin your search by simply typing in your ZIP code to generate a list of counselors in your area that are skilled in meeting your specific need and whether you would prefer to meet virtually or in person. Some online resources include:
Explore Local Resources
Your community may also have resources available to help you. If you’re a student, your school might provide access to a counseling center. If you’re employed, your human resources team may offer assistance through workplace wellness or employee assistance program.


Some Thoughts on Therapy
If you’re considering beginning your journey in therapy, know that you do not have to be in a state of crisis to start. No matter how big or small you may view your challenge to be, there is help available. Therapy is a form of self-care. It empowers you to stand in your truth and be your best self. The therapeutic process is tailored to meet the needs of the client and is intended to be a collaborative activity where the responsibility of direction, flow of process and expertise of experience is shared between client and therapist.


Believe in the Benefits
There is nothing like having your very own supportive safe space. Having a therapist who can meet your needs is immensely beneficial to your well-being. Some of the benefits include: being equipped with new coping strategies, the ability to recognize and address unhealthy patterns, assistance in achieving your goals, support to work through unresolved issues, the ability to understand and love yourself better, and even an improvement in your physical health.
At NEW we believe that all are born with the ability to heal ourselves but that at times we could use a helping hand. Everyone needs a safe supportive space that will allow them to reconnect with themselves. Everyone needs a place that nurtures a sense of emotional well-being and that will allow them to more openly explore pain, release blocks and heal wounds. My colleagues and I wholeheartedly believe in this work and are happy to be that space for you. If you find you need support, we’re here.

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A Mental Health Check

Mental Health Awareness has been pushed to the forefront, especially during this...
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