A Chat w/Niki Batson, Luxe Salon

I sat down with Niki Batson, Owner of Luxe Salon.  Check out our interview with Niki Batson, Owner of Luxe Salon.

What inspired you to start Luxe Salon?

What inspired me to start Luxe Salon was actually a few things. The first one was but the fact that I was renting a small room in Brentwood for $275 per week and I just figured that if I put some more money with that that I could open my own salon. The other is I really wanted to have a salon that was upscale, where women of any color but particularly black women could come and have a great environment, soothing ambiance and really just kick back and engage in adult conversation among other great women while receiving a great service! Our clients walk out looking and feeling like a million bucks and we love that!


What is the one quote/scripture you live by?

I really do not have a quote or scripture and I know that sounds bad. However I do live by the motto “I want to live a comfortable life” and I would love to always be able to help my family and that is what I think about on a daily basis.

What are some of the hot hair trends for this summer?

There are actually a few things that we see here at the salon as far as hair for the summer. The first would be short hair and we are also seeing women experiment with a lot of vibrant colors this summer. The other trend we are seeing is a lot of women who wear weave opt for the curly hair which is lower maintenance. Also, ever since Janet Jackson came out at the BET Awards (a few weeks back) with the wet and wavy look, we’ve been getting a lot of phone calls about that particular look!


Tell the Urbaanite Community about your new venture, Hair Porn?

My newest venture, Hair Porn, came about because Luxe Salon specializes in providing the best weave installations and extensions in Nashville! If you visit our Instagram page @LuxeSalonTn, you will see that we do weave and extensions very well. We began receiving a lot of calls asking if we sold hair and I would always say no. I thought to myself, there are so many people selling hair and that I missed that boat but then a light bulb went off.  If people are calling about hair then I am going to get some hair in here! It wasn’t an easy process but I finally found a vendor with great hair that our clients can afford to buy and then get the service done at a reasonable price!

Since you are a featured member during the health + fitness edition, what can women do to manage their hair while staying fit/working out?

Tip 1.) if wearing your own hair (relaxed) make sure you wrap your hair while working out and wear a sweat band to catch sweat and moisture and then allow hair to dry before combing the wrap out.
Tip 2) if you have natural hair, then twist or braid your hair before your workout.
Tip 3) GET A WEAVE! Weaves are low maintenance and our salon has many stylists who can customize extensions just for you!



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