A Look Back: OZ Arts Nashville Opening Reception for Shabazz Larkin

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Hosted by OZ Arts Nashville, an opening reception was held for renowned figurative artist Shabazz Larkin. It celebrated the opening of Larkin’s latest exhibit titled “May I Be Brave Enough to Speak My Truth”, which was an exploration of the human body as a canvas for protest and storytelling. Guests enjoyed a special live podcast between Larkin and Jamel Campbell-Gooch, organizer of the Black Nashville Assembly and Southern Movement Committee. In the podcast, they discussed the intersection of art and social justice and the role that the arts play in community organizing. The exhibit was curated in partnership with Clarence Edward, founder of Cë Gallery, and features a collection of the Nashville-based artist’s paintings and woven blankets depicting figures in mutual support, a poignant representation of ancestral bonds and future legacies.

See the exhibit now through March 21!

Photography: Tiffany Bessire, Bessire Photography

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