A Look Back: Urbaanite Day Out at the Frist with Emmanuel LeGrair

Tonisha Brown, Courtney Stafford

Urbaanite hosted our first outing of the year at the Frist Art Museum and it was so cool seeing our readers in real life. The Frist opened their doors allowing our readers to receive a complimentary day exploring all three of their current exhibits. These exhibits are also very special as they are all exhibited by people of color. The first 25 attendees who arrived also receive a complimentary pastry from Grams Coffee and The Southern V, as they are the museum’s new cafe partners. Take a look back at our event and then lookout for our upcoming experiences.

*Shout out to one of our fave Urbaanite photographers, Nita in Nashville who is a new Frist Art Museum photographer and captured our event.

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Photos: Nita in Nashville

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