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Wife, mom, Vandy grad, Workforce Developer, singer and creator of Get Fit With Nina (she has a great weight loss story and her before/after pics are amazing!). Nina is what I call a total superwoman. I seriously have so much respect for her grind and living out her absolute truth. She is what local Nashville is all about…a Vandy grad, singer, actress (you should definitely check out her out in the dramatic webseries, TROMA (The Rules of Messin Around), fitness chick and all around inspiration. She chases dreams and gets things done in such an effortless way, so to say we are super pumped to share her 24-Hours in Nashville. 



I have breakfast at home. During breakfast, I usually try to go through the day’s reading from my daily reading plan. I take one of my girls to school (my husband takes our other daughter). Afterwards, I’m checking my email and social media accounts and responding as necessary. I usually try to make my way to the gym in the morning and put in an hour workout. I utilize 3 different YMCA’s … Sumner County, Downtown and the Clarksville Pike location. I also occasionally utilize Jimmie Woodruff with One Fit Lifestyle who is a personal trainer in the city. His website is


I make an effort to not eat out and make my lunch. Once a week, me and my husband try to get together for lunch. This is something that we started years ago after we had kids so that we can have some “us” time without kids. 😉 Just a little time to reboot each week. He’ll tell you, my favorite lunch spot is Knock-Out Wings on Jefferson Street. Most people go there for their wings (which are delicious) but I absolutely LOVE their grilled chicken sandwiches. I’m completely hooked.



My evenings usually consist of a collaborative effort between me and my husband picking up our 2 girls from school (they’re at 2 different schools). I’m usually the one preparing dinner for the family.  I love asking them about what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy in the day, if they made new friends, their favorite part of the day, if they like their teachers, etc, etc. Both of my girls have attended Schrader Lane Child Care Center (near TSU) which is an amazing pre-school program. I would recommend it to anyone who is currently looking for a school for their 3-5 year old. It provides a formal learning environment. Before my oldest daughter entered Kindergarten, she knew how to read, write, tie her shoes, do simple math (addition to 10) and also learned some beginner Spanish. They provide awesome holiday and black history programs put on by the children. They provide a great and enriching experience for kids at such an early age. They always have a waiting list so those who interested should get on the waiting list long beforehand.



I’m usually catching up on email, responding to social media posts, messages, etc. I look at my calendar and evaluate what remains for the week and month. Besides Urbaanite? 😉 I check in on some of my favorite IG feeds including, Melissa of (IG: fabglance1) and StayOnTheGo Magazine (IG: stayonthegonashville)


Occasionally my evenings and late nights may consist of a stage play I’m in, being on set for a film, in a rehearsal for any number of things, at one of my kids’ school or extracurricular events, working on a DIY project, or any number of things. A couple of my favorite playwrights in Nashville that I’ve had the privilege of working with are Shawn Whitsell of Destiny Theatre Experience and Roger “Teco” Trent of Gosspa. They both put on stage productions in Nashville throughout the year. Also, my favorite venue I’ve performed at is Venue 109 which is black owned and available for rent for any type of event.

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