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Lanae Jackson shares the self-care places in Nashville where she rejuvenates while balancing being a Multicultural Marketing Manager for Nissan and owner of Bloom, a local brand providing self-care products wherever you go.

#Self-Care is becoming the buzz around social media. What is “self-care?” At the root, a form of self-love, the best kind of love!  It could range from dancing your stress away at a workout class, stretching it out during a yoga class, going to brunch with your friends, trying something new (BYOM – Bring Your Open Mind), or simply being in nature or creating something magical at your own home.  If you are looking for places to recharge to practice self-care, Nashville has many options! Here are a few places to try.

Great Sips and Good Vibes –  Going to a cafe to relax is always a good idea when it comes to self care. Nothing’s better than a great drink, nice music, and good conversation to start your day. I love Dose Coffee for some good vibes and great drinks. Sump Coffee is another destination for great coffee and even better views. The large windows and green fields can send anyone into the ultimate state of peace. For those who really enjoy tea, High Garden Tea has a wide array of teas and herbs to choose from to get the perfect flavor and aromas you are looking for!

Catch A Live Show – Nashville is Music City for a reason. Live shows are a great way to change the pace of your average day. Go to Rudy’s Jazz Room for an authentic late night jazz club experience. Don’t forget to try something from their awesome New Orleans inspired menu. Analog at The Hutton Hotel is another great venue for live shows. Catch an intimate live performance, a vibrant set from Nashville’s best DJs, or even a dance performance. They also have a great cocktail menu to complement their awesome performance lineup.

Brunch with Friends – Connecting with friends is a fun way to re-energize after a busy week. Southside Grill, located in South Nashville, is one of my favorite, family-owned, places for brunch with my girls on the weekend!  Their brunch is every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm. They have a signature “Amaretto Mimosa” that is to die for! Everything on the menu is delicious.  My go-to is their three-egg omelette.  If I’m craving Chicken and Waffles, I love eating at Shugga Hi Bakery and Cafe!

BYOM – Bring Your Open Mind – You can find me at True REST(Reduced Environment Stimulus Therapy) in Cool Springs, having a “Float Spa” experience.  A “Float Spa” is where you go into your own personal float pod that has 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, so it makes you feel like floating on air! It helps you to relax, relieves pain, improves sleep…the list goes on. It was so zen! Bethany and Jamie are incredibly nice and welcoming!

Bonus Tip – Use the ear plugs and the neck float. It may help you feel more comfortable to relax so you can just float away.

Check out an art exhibit – For those who are inspired by the arts, the Frist Art Museum has traveling exhibits from all over the world that come into town.  I checked out The Frist Friday: “A Night in Paris – Paris 1900” exhibition and it was “tres magnifique!” People were speaking in French, the artwork was stunning, listened to a retro chic French pop band, and I took pictures in front of the La Tour Eiffel painting! The Frist has lots of exhibits, so I recommend checking their schedule.

Connect with Nature– I enjoy feeling “grounded.”  Being “grounded” is simply connecting with the earth/nature.  Some people like to physically touch the earth by planting things, being a “tree hugger” or just taking their shoes off to feel the grass between their toes.  My favorite parks are Edwin and Percy Warner Parks.  They have great trails for a walk or run.

Move Your Body – Physical exercise is proven to make you feel better. You may catch me sweating it out at a Body Beat by Candice class or dancing at a fitness class at Millennium Dance Complex Nashville.  I recently went to a yoga class at Kali Yuga Yoga. The instructor finished the class by saying, “The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.” It was a perfect way to spend my #SelfCareSunday.

Staycation– Sometimes I like to just stay home and create my own meditation space. I use my beautiful notebooks made by a Nashville artist, Emily Newman to journal my thoughts and light some candles made by local candle maker, Light Shine Candles. Light Shine Candles has a subscription program, so you can have wonderful scents automatically sent to your home.  I also love that they have a give back component, “the best candles for a great cause.” I love incorporating my favorite body products into my staycation days. My go-to is Fords Herbal Shop.  I love their Hemp Hair Butter for my “edges” and I stock up on their Eucalyptus Vapor Rub.  I use it all the time, just to relax.

Remember, that self-care comes from within, not from someone or something else.  So for me, self-care is a form of self-love. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, as long as you do something for yourself…unapologetically.  Give yourself permission to try new things. That’s the best gift you can ever give yourself.  The old saying “when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy” is still true to this day. Blessings!

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