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As the summer months close in and we prepare to ride into the school year, it is time to leave the sunny, relaxing, saturday mornings and the late night summer memories in the rear view mirror. Fast ahead are those dreadful yet rewarding week night cram sessions, and the infamous Saturday night unforgettable parties. As I look on my instagram and twitter feed, post of rising freshman excited about starting a new chapter of their life swarms my feed and brings me such a sense of excitement for these students as well as a sense of dysphoria because I was just in their shoes 12 months ago. I reflected on my pre-freshman year jitters…living with a roommate for the first time, designing my dorm room, stressing over communal showers, adapting to a completely exotic and new environment, being miles and miles away from my parents, kissing good-bye home cooked meal, packing up my clothes and heading off into the unknown.

I will be bringing to you reflections of a freshman girl who migrated to a new city, 300 miles away from home with no family, or friend’s just goals, ambitions and dreams. As well as views as a sophomore student gaining the ultimate HBCU experience. College is a new found freedom and with the right guidance and advice your next four years will be an experience that you will never forget.

My 7 Things Every Fisk University Student Should Know:

1. Make sure that your roommate and room situation is secure before arriving. Try to handle as much in regards to payments and paperwork before arriving because move in day is draining enough. The last thing you want to do is sit in line all day and still have a whole room to unpack & organize.

2. Look for the upperclassmen to get books and try to get book information situated before arriving. The last thing you want is to fall behind on the first week of school because there is slim to none chance of being able to comfortably catch up…especially those biology and political science majors.
3. Keep up with your paperwork. As much as I love my HBCU they tend to often times misplace things, I mean we are all human but to keep yourself protected any document or receipt you receive be sure to make a copy and store it in a safe place. This tip also applies to professors and your actual classes as well because often times professors tend to misplace papers, reports, and other essential documents. So,  always make an extra copy of homework assignments, essays, or reports to ensure your protection.
4. Participate in all events on campus. SGA and other clubs and organizations work very hard to put on events to bring the campus to life. You’re missing out on a big part of the college experience if you decide to board yourself up in your room.

5. Check your student email constantly. There are scholarship opportunities, free tickets, school activities/events, as well as volunteer opportunities that flood your emails and it’s essential to not miss out.
6. Get to know your professors. Establish a good relationship with your teachers and go to class. Review in detail the first few assignments and tests to understand their style of lecturing, pattern of pop quizzes, and style of tests. Not only do you pay for ever day of class, it’s money down the drain if you choose not to go. There were countless times that our professors awarded us bonus opportunities on test or just in class for showing up when our peers decided not to go.
7. Embrace the history. Fisk is one of the most historical campuses in Nashville TN. Take advantage of learning and understanding the rich history of our University. Take a chance to appreciate the days that we commemorate different figures, and attend the events that are hosted in their honor. Such as the Jubilee convocation, Martin Luther King Convocation, etc.

Emani Mhoon is also Urbaanite’s 2016 Intern and will be sharing more on the local student’s view and HBCU lifestyle in Nashville.

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