A Conversation With Bishop Joseph W. Walker

We sat down with Bishop Joseph W. Walker, Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion Nashville and new Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. He has truly brought a new, innovative spirit to how many of us receive the word of God and live out our faith here in Nashville. As a Mt. Zion member, I was super excited to have an opportunity to speak with Bishop Walker and share with the Urbaanite community along with his new book, RESET. #Celebrate #Support # Community.

3 Things We Learned From Our Conversation w/Bishop Walker:
  1. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  2. Being humble, confident and faithful can surely go a long way. 175 congregation members to over 22,000 is a testament to that.
  3. Pastors love a good retail therapy session, too.

I also picked up my copy of RESET and would suggest to those seeking a personal change to do the same.  You can visit the Mt. Zion Nashville Old Hickory location, Barnes + Noble, Amazon or http://www.josephwalker3.org/book-store/reset-your-life.

Conversations is a blog series giving our community a chance to know the faces behind the Urbaanite inspired businesses and organizations in Nashville. Conversations are our thing, people!

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