7 Nashville Event Series Every Urban Professional Should Know


photo by The Vanguard Nashville

So, spring is here, well sort of (come on at least 65 degree weather in the shade) and we thought it would be fitting to share a few event series to get you out, talking business and connecting to other like-minded folks.

Creative Souls

Creative Souls is a community that inspires and equips females to take action in their creative endeavors. Our mission is to connect and empower women to get in touch with their true creativity. Started by Sarah Patton, celebrity event planner and all things that celebrate women and collaboration. Their monthly series are themed (we love that) and normally focus on mind, body and soul.

The Vanguard Nashville + Paragon Social Club

The Vanguard is a collective of creative skill and imagination; visually and sonically. This monthly event series melds music, art and a good ole time plus with a descriptor like that, it must be a new experience indeed. Started by a group of African-American doctors, it is where urban professionals are coming to get enlightened and dope artist are putting their stamp on the map. Bonus: They also have the Paragon Social Club, a sister/cousin to The Vanguard with dancing and a whole lot of fun offered the 3rd weekend of every month.

Lady Lunch Club

Lady Lunch Club offers informative discussions and presentations for the ambitious woman to sharpen her professional and personal tools to create a life she loves. This monthly event series has popped on the Nashville scene with a bang and we love it. Started by Thallen Brassel, an attorney and lady focused on empowering women, each event will give you a healthy dose of girl time, professional development and fun goodies to take home. We call that a win.

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations is a group focused on galvanizing the general public around issues of community and economic development in metropolitan communities. Started by TSU Professor, Isaac Addae, this monthly series taps into the hard hitting questions affecting our community in a very thoughtful way while allowing people to connect and have real dialogue.

Off The Clock

Off The Clock presented by HR Connect Nashville, is a monthly event for upwardly mobile young professionals to help meet your needs. Started by founder and HR exec, Lydia Dumas, this series is making a name for bringing people out to connect, learn and sip some cocktails.

Wine + Grind

Wine + Grind presented by The Lab, is a weekly kick back and relax, networking event. Started by two friends, Joshua Mundy and Robert Sherrill, it is definitely a place to see and be seen while making boss moves.

The Suppertime Social 

The Suppertime Social is what happens when local strangers come together to commune over amazing food. This series is not necessarily about “business” however the whole concept made us smile. Communing with people you just met, over amazing chef prepared cuisine, in a secret location after you have been hand selected to attend from a growing waitlist. Now, if that is not intentional connection, we don’t know what is.

Afropreneurial Community Meet and Greets

The Afropreneurial Community Meet and Greets are networking events that foster the creative in you! These meet and greets bring professionals together for good food, engaging talks and panels, and much more. The Afropreneurial Community strives to support and connect black business owners and give them the tools they need to continue to grow their businesses. You won’t want to miss these!

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