24 Hours In Nashville: Financially Free Living With Dr. Lakisha Simmons


Dr. Lakisha Simmons is the CEO of Brave Consulting LLC and a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. She believes in empowering women to succeed financially and was able to reach her own goal of saving over $750,000 in 4 years (#goals). Take a look as she shares her Nashville.

Why is Lakisha lovin’ Nashville right now?

My weekends are for winding down and appreciating all that I have and all that is around me. Since I’ve always been frugal, I know how to have fun on a budget and Nashville has plenty to do for those on a budget or on a path to financial freedom. Even though I’ve reached financial independence, I still live on a frugal budget.


On a Saturday morning, I love having a down-home breakfast. After breakfast, I like to do something relaxing. There is nothing more refreshing, healthy, and self-care-focused than going for a walk on a lush nature trail or riverfront on a bright sunshiny day. I spend a lot of time walking at Nashville’s beautiful greenways. My favorite greenway is the Cumberland River Greenway on the river at MetroCenter Levee. If you are lucky, you may catch the sheep grazing along the riverfront.


I love picnics on a sunny spring afternoon! I pack a salad, tuna sandwiches, hummus and veggies, and water bottles while my husband packs the three bikes and boys, and we head to Cornelia Fort Airpark. Cornelia Fort Airpark is a large open space that was a public use airport right here in Nashville. The tree-lined runway is perfect for bike riding, running, or roller skating.


In the early evening, we love going to community centers around town to stay active. The Bellevue Community Center has something for everyone: a gym, ice rink, basketball court, and walking track. For a Saturday night dinner, I prefer comfort food! When we are downtown, we visit Slim & Husky’s for personal pizzas that everyone in my family loves! It’s a large size so it’s economical when sharing. Before leaving downtown we grab a few cookies from Tiff’s Treats before heading home for the night.

Late Night

Late nights are spent walking along the riverfront and enjoying downtown.


In the early evening, I’m usually hosting a women’s empowerment zoom party or a financial workshop for Nashvillians. We uplift each other and have a lot of fun creating our financial freedom plans together.

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