24 Hours in Nashville: A Day of Wellness + Juicing


New year, new you, right! For many, a new year always equates to resolutions which 90% of the time have something to do with our health. As you embark on making better choices, here is a fun itinerary including fresh foods, farmers markets with a little treat, and juicing to kick start your new year. A few things to grab prior to your day of wellness: A juicer (here is the one used in the video if you are trying to be real fancy), glass bottles, and juicing recipes if you are not trying to be too creative with your flavors.

Start your day at the Farmers Market

Nashville has a ton of Farmers Markets to choose from with vendors from across the state. You can have all of your local farm-to-table needs met, from poultry, beef to vegetables and dairy. Some markets are open year round while others are seasonal and focus on specific items. Get creative while you are at the Farmers Market with the fruits and veggies you plan to incorporate into your juices. Tip: focusing on certain colors for your veggies and fruits is easy to start creating your juice flavors, ie: reds (apples, strawberries, and beets for example).  You can find a list of Nashville Farmers Markets here to determine where you want to start.

Grab a sweet treat from a local bakery because you deserve it

After visiting the Farmers Market, why not treat yourself to a job well done? Nashville has a lot of bakeries with amazing pastries to try. You can check out our list of bakeries to plan out where you will pop in to.

Next up head home to start prepping your veggies and fruits to juice

Juicing can be cathartic with just doing the preparation alone. Always grab a bowl for each of the juice combinations you plan to create. Then, start chopping and separating as needed. When juicing, make sure you cut veggies and fruits into small pieces that can easily be processed by your juicer. Tip 1: adding lemon and ginger as your base for any juices is always a win. Tip 2: clean as you go so you will have less to clean up at the end. The juices we created were the following:

  • Juice 1: carrots, red apples, lemon and ginger
  • Juice 2: Grapes, green apples spinach, lemon and ginger
  • Juice 3: Celery, cucumber, green apples (like 1 red apple), lemon and ginger

Happy juicing and make sure to tag us @urbaanite #urbaanitenashville if you try out this itinerary.

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